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On this publish we’ll take a look at LeetCode problem #200 referred to as Quantity Of Islands.

The issue assertion is sort of simple. Given a grid of 1s and 0s, we have to discover the entire variety of islands in a given grid.

They point out:

An island is surrounded by water and is shaped by connecting adjoining lands horizontally or vertically. You could assume all 4 edges of the grid are all surrounded by water.

For instance:

Enter: grid = [
Output: 1
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And one other instance:

Enter: grid = [
Output: 3
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How will we remedy it?

My method is to take a look at every (unvisited) cell within the grid, if it accommodates 1 then (recursively) broaden outward from there so long as its neighbour additionally has a 1. That is referred to as BFS (breadth first search).

After we go to a cell, we’ll mark that cell as visited, such that we’ll not go to it once more later.

Here is the answer:

class Resolution:
    def numIslands(self, grid):

        ROWS, COLS = len(grid), len(grid[0])
        res = 0
        visited = set()

        def dfs(r,c):
            if r<0 or c<0 or r>=ROWS or c>=COLS or (r,c) in visited or grid[r][c] != "1":


        for r in vary(ROWS):
            for c in vary(COLS):
                if grid[r][c] == "1" and (r,c) not in visited:
                    res += 1

        return res
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The code itself can be very simple to know. I hope you discover it useful.

Notice that we are able to keep away from utilizing a visited set by merely marking 1s with some image, like a # signal.

Cowl Picture by Sacha Gregoire on Unsplash

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