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Hiya guys,
M-One is a private assistant who may help you with some easy duties.
I wrote this program in Python language and I hope it’s attention-grabbing and helpful for you.


I work for minor duties reminiscent of opening web sites reminiscent of Google, saying time and date, changing textual content to audio, creating qrcode, extracting info from wikipedia, downloading photographs, and so on., translating texts, displaying saved WiFi passwords, displaying public IP You, shut down the pc, create a folder and delete it, the flexibility to delete information on the pc, and all different options.

This program has two person interfaces: Typing and Listening.

Set up

To launch this system, first set up the required packages after which use this system safely.

Use the assist command to show this system instructions.

Core Dependencies

  • Python 3 (3.9.7)
  • translate
  • speech_recognition
  • webbrowser
  • wikipedia
  • requests
  • pyqrcode
  • datetime
  • pyttsx3
  • urllib
  • time
  • os

Sooner or later, some options of this program will probably be added and a few of its shortcomings will probably be eradicated.
You expensive ones also can categorical your opinions and ideas.

Venture at GitHub: https://github.com/Mhadi-1382/M-One-personal-assistant

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