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Manuel Matuzovic’s CSS Specificity Demo | Style-Tricks

Should you’re searching for a primer on CSS specificity, we’ve bought that. And for those who’re attempting to get forward of the sport, you ought to be conscious of CSS Cascade Layers as nicely.

Screenshot of the CSS Specificity Demo.

One of many methods to assist get a grasp of CSS specificity is pondering phrases of “what beats what” or how sturdy the specificity is. Manuel Matuzovic has a helpful interactive step-by-step demo. You retain clicking the “Add selector” button, and the CSS proven (and utilized to the web page) modifications with ever-increasingly-strong selectors utilized to the physique that change the background-color. On the finish, it veers into not-really-selectors trickery, like utilizing @keyframes to override issues.

Extra specificity apply

Should you loved the trickery on the finish, take a look at Francisco Dias’ A Specificity Battle!, an article we revealed a number of years again that does a back-and-forth styling battle with nineteen steps “choosing” the identical ingredient to re-style it. CSS is cray typically.

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