Moar Automation in DevRel – Build a Slack bot that notifies you about relevant articles

Cowl picture credit partially go to Justin Yoo and his article. Justin’s a extremely appreciated former colleague of mine, and he is hopefully pleased with a cameo on this text.

Hey there,
I am Jan, a Program Supervisor in Developer Relations at Postman, and my mission is to assist Developer Relations scale their efforts and developer advocates to do their job with the best potential impression. I create processes, neighborhood and developer applications, and automate stuff. I gather and course of knowledge to prioritise fields of exercise, e.g. occasions or platforms. I usually work on strategic stuff to assist make selections the place the ship ought to be going.

That is why I am on, too: since you all are builders probably focused on Postman subjects, you’re the ones that we at Developer Relations wish to reach what you do. And earlier than we will try this, we have to know what you all are speaking about and what challenges you face, and which of those points now we have the aptitude to assist clear up.
To know what is going on on by way of APIs and Postman-in-the-wild, I created I bot that deploys a message a channel on our firm Slack every time a brand new article that options the tag API or mentions Postman within the title or the article physique is being printed.

Making a Slack App. Or fairly not.

Slack does not have an app for, so I went the these days fairly common route by means of Zapier.

There’s an RSS feed publicly accessible for all articles that get printed on Once I began I had the concept to observe new posts that will get printed with the API tag solely.’s algorithm is closely targeted on tags. My assumption was that most individuals know that and we might have fairly an excellent filter for every little thing API associated when monitoring this platform tag. So I used to be trying to find a feed that solely up to date with new publications to this tag. I finally discovered it at In retrospective, I might have gone with out it, as I later determined to additionally monitor all new publications for the “Postman” key phrase.

Triggering one zap by tag

Screenshot of the zap's trigger section

And here is what I did for the API-tagged articles for notifications:

Screenshot of the zap's Slack action

Filter by “not mentioning Postman”

As my ideas developed, and I realised I needed to observe for key phrases as effectively, I added an middleman step on this zap, to solely proceed if Postman was not talked about within the physique:

Screenshot of the filtering step in the zap, that only proceeds if "Description" doesn't contain "Postman"

Triggering a second zap by absolutely anything

Then I added one other zap:

Screenshot of a zap in Zapier's dashboard, called "Slack notify on new Dev.To Postman mention"

That will take the overall feed from and filter for title or physique to comprise a point out of Postman.

Screenshot of the trigger section of the second zap

Filter by “mentioning Postman”

The title or the physique of the article wants to say the key phrase “Postman” for this zap to proceed.

Screenshot of the filter section of the second zap, filtering title and body for a mention of Postman

And that is the motion that’s being taken, sending a message to a specified channel on Slack, offering the hyperlink and in addition the truth that Postman has been explicitly talked about.

Screenshot of the action section of the second zap, defining what should go into the Slack message

Screenshot like the one in the cover image, showing a unfurled link to an article on and mentioning in text, that this article mentioned Postman

If Postman does not get an express point out, we’ll let folks know that this was merely a API-tagged article:

Screenshot of the Slack channel showing a new message providing a link to

What it is good for

Now all of my colleagues focused on API or Postman associated exercise on might be part of this channel and get notified in the event that they selected to – by means of Slack.

I hope we’ll quickly see extra Postmanauts – that is what Postman staff name themselves, referring to the corporate’s mascot of an astronaut – actively participating in discussions on

Attain out if you wish to know extra about Program Administration in DevRel.
Keep secure. <3

Replace: There is a excessive probability that’s fundamental feed is updating with a number of new entries, so your article would possibly get swallowed and never present up for the automation. I will attempt swapping filter logic between the 2 zaps and see if that helps keep away from the scenario.

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