Moving to Germany

If you follow me, you know I have worked as a consultant for the last year. I have decided to take the next step in my career and move to Hamburg this week.

It was a difficult choice, and I wanted to stay in india and grow with the community; the Indian tech community will always have a special place in my heart. I became GDE; you all voted me to be the First GitHub star from India and gave me lots of love.

Some personal and professional decisions led to this.

  • Better community outreach: Being in Europe will give me access to a broad community, as the timezone in india sometimes affects the participation in many conferences and meetups.

  • My future ambitions: It is not a secret that I want to work as a Developer Advocate one day. Last year, I got a few calls, but many discussions due to salary and location expectations didn’t go ahead.

I will not miss the Indian community at all, I will keep rooting for you all, and if you need any help from me, I am just a DM away. I was lucky to meet a few of you before moving.

Six years ago, I came to Pune and got everything I came looking for in this City: a better life for my family, money, and peaceful life. Wish us that we get the same thing in a new country as we start a new chapter of our life.

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