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Next.js and – DEV Community

A fast share of my experiance with Subsequent.js and .svg information.

I wanted to show a bunch of .svg information on a Subsequent.js app.

Utilizing .svg information with Subsequent.js tremendous cool <Picture /> element is not recommended since it could possibly create sudden conduct and result in vulnerabilities if a safety coverage header shouldn’t be outlined.

So I wanted to include a loader.
The quickest approach I discovered was utilizing .babelrc file and babel-plugin-inline-react-svg.
It labored! properly sort of.. 😕 Some graphics weren’t displayed and a few did, whereas others have been reduce off unexpectedly.

I dug a bit extra and located this answer by @felixmosh on stackoverflow utilizing subsequent.config.js file.


~ Step One:

$ npm set up --save-dev @svgr/webpack
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~ Step Two:

// subsequent.config.js

module.exports = {
  webpack(config) {
      check: /.svg$/,
      issuer: ts)x?$/,
       // for webpack 5 use
       // ts)x?$/] 

      use: ['@svgr/webpack'],

    return config;
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When you used the above answer be sure that to provide the query and the reply a vote up on stackoverflow 🙂

Facet word, when you’re utilizing typescript in your undertaking and really feel unhealthy that the subsequent.config file is a .js file don’t as a result of subsequent doesn’t plan “to transpile subsequent.config.js.” As you’ll be able to see in this issue.

I hope it helped, thanks for studying!

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