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NULLs Are Not The Same – A Guide

On this weblog, we’re strolling you thru the upsides and drawbacks in NULLs in MySQL – have a learn!

Instruments used on this tutorial

DbVisualizer, high rated database administration instrument and SQL consumer
The MySQL database model 8 or later

Everybody has heard about NULL values – one can hardly discover a DBA or any developer that didn’t make use or seen such values in his work. A part of that’s as a result of NULL values signify the absence of one thing – however one other a part of it might be attributed to the truth that we solely see the tip of the iceberg on the subject of them. On this weblog, we’ll let you know the whole lot it’s essential learn about NULL values in MySQL and past.

What Are NULL Values?

NULL values are simply what you assume they’re – a string signifying nothing present in a column. NULL values are regularly applied into any desk in a quite simple and simple method – a question like so will do:

1 CREATE TABLE demo_table (
2 `column_1` VARCHAR(25) [NOT] NULL [DEFAULT…]
3 );
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NULL Values when Making a Desk.

Such a question might be modified to let a desk know that at any time when any information is inserted into that column, it ought to or shouldn’t be NULL with a default worth of X (the default worth will also be NULL which is helpful in some circumstances.)

You get it – NULL values exist to suggest a consumer that no worth exists in a column. As straightforward as that. Don’t confuse it with the column being empty although – empty values and NULL values should not the identical as you’ll quickly discover out.

The right way to Work with NULL Values?

Fortuitously or not, all builders and DBAs will encounter NULL values throughout some course of their work – and for that, they need to know how you can correctly work with these values. It’s sensible to comply with a few key guidelines:

  • NULL means false.
  • NULL values might be specified because the default worth of a column and there’s nothing mistaken with that – such a follow would even assist DBAs to seek for values in a column in a while.
  • NULL values might be looked for with the IS NULL or IS NOT NULL operators.
  • NULL means “a lacking worth which is unknown to the DBMS”, not “nothing.”
  • Comparability operators like =, <=, >= or comparable can’t be used to seek for NULL values.
  • Partitions deal with NULL values otherwise than different values.

Retaining these items in thoughts, we will transfer additional. The very first thing it’s essential know is that you simply can’t examine NULL values since all and any comparisons with NULL will equal to NULL. Thus, getting a legitimate result’s merely unattainable.

Second crucial factor to notice that customers who seek for NULL ought to seek for such values with out comparability or equality operators and as an alternative, use IS NULL or IS NOT NULL operators.

NULL values can nevertheless be very helpful for individuals who work with analytical or different information as a result of using them along with default values (e.g. specifying the default worth of a column to be NULL as an alternative of another worth) may help customers save time and know what to anticipate as soon as information is inserted into their database – if no information can be inserted, the outcomes of the column can be NULL and queries like LOAD DATA INFILE can be considerably quicker on columns having the NULL worth if we examine these sorts of queries with queries like UPDATE that we would want to run after inserting the information itself.

Those that work with partitions and wish NULL values ought to be fluctuate of the truth that MySQL doesn’t forestall customers from utilizing NULL as a part of a partitioning expression, but all the values containing NULL will at all times be inserted into the bottom partition attainable. We received’t get into the nitty-gritty element round this, however those that have an interest within the specifics ought to have a learn via How MySQL Partitioning Handles NULL over within the documentation.

NULL doesn’t equal “nothing” and opposite to a well-liked perception, NULL queries will occupy information on the disk, so should you’re involved about that, please set the default worth of your columns to be empty (“”) or NOT NULL.

Different Issues to Know

Aforementioned issues are just about the whole lot it’s essential learn about NULL values in a few paragraphs – nevertheless, there are different issues it’s best to do to empower your database situations, irrespective of which sort of DBMS you end up operating.

A type of issues is the utilization of SQL purchasers like DbVisualizer – as a SQL consumer, DbVisualizer is utilized by notable firms resembling NASA, Google, Tesla, Saab and others, and it might make it easier to work with any database administration system you need. With its highly effective options every crafted to have the ability to remedy essentially the most urgent real-world database issues confronted by builders and DBAs alike, DbVisualizer is a good selection for CEOs, crew leaders, or engineers alike.

Have a look through the features provided by the tool, then grab an evaluation trial – you’ll not be disenchanted.


NULL values in numerous database administration methods and particularly MySQL are handled otherwise – partitions insert them into the bottom partition attainable, equality operations should not attainable, and nothing isn’t the identical as NULL both – with that stated, NULL values might be very helpful in some circumstances: wield their sword powerfully sufficient, and you’ll certainly profit from all the upsides they supply to DBAs and builders alike.

We hope that this weblog has been informational and that you’ll explore our blog for extra data sooner or later, and till subsequent time!

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