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Passkeys library, now with authenticator icons

Hi there people!

Since I’ve little time to cater about Passwordless.ID recently, I needed to at publish some little replace. So right here we go, the WebAuthn library (to allow passwordless login utilizing passkeys) now additionally delivers extra details about the “authenticator”. Specifically the icon and whether or not it’s a multi-device or device-bound credential. (The latter one is definitely simply decoding the prevailing flags)

👇 Try the simple demo if you need.

👇 Or the record of authenticators.

👇 Or the playground to experiment with the assorted choices.

⚠️ As a aspect observe, please don’t forget that the problem must be randomly generated server aspect! I’ve discovered repositories on GitHub utilizing hardcoded challenges, which is after all a pink flag relating to safety because it opens the way in which to replay assaults!

Learn here or here if you need a short introduction of how the WebAuthn protocol behind Passkeys works.

Ranging from model 1.4.0+, the parsed registration payload now appears to be like as follows, with additional properties synced, icon_light and icon_dark.

  "username": "Arnaud",
  "credential": {...},
  "shopper": {...},
  "authenticator": {
    "rpIdHash": "T7IIVvJKaufa_CeBCQrIR3rm4r0HJmAjbMYUxvt8LqA=",
    "flags": {...},
    "counter": 0,
    "synced": false,
    "aaguid": "08987058-cadc-4b81-b6e1-30de50dcbe96",
    "title": "Home windows Hi there",
    "icon_light": "",
    "icon_dark": ""
  "attestation": "o2NmbXRjdHBtZ2F0dFN0bXSmY2FsZzn__mNzaWdZAQB25KbRrQPjtlx0qZ2Tsvh2YHaPTPTUJznShhr5XnP3zBmVv..."
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The icons are intentionally made as hyperlinks to maintain the library compact. In any other case, it might be bloated manner past the megabyte. As a substitute, all icons can be found as hyperlinks.

These authenticator icons have been made because of this repository which incorporates the icons as knowledge urls, typically in PNG, typically in SVG, typically sq., typically rectangle, some tiny, some actually giant, and many others. So some additional scripting was executed to homogenize them as 64×64 PNGs and host them so that every “aaguid” might be proven by means of a direct hyperlink.

Thanks for studying. If you happen to prefer it, leaving a remark or a star is appreciated. Getting some suggestions is all the time good.

Have a pleasant day!

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