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Reactivity without Virtual DOM on the example of cample.js beta versions

Howdy! On this brief article, I wish to share my ideas on reactivity with out a digital DOM.

I feel that it is a very promising know-how that may assist you to redraw the UI as shortly as potential with out evaluating node parts. At its core, the digital DOM includes a comparability course of, which helps JS perceive when to replace a node and when not.

It is a good know-how and within the first beta variations of cample.js it was particularly applied, however throughout growth I got here to grasp that the digital DOM has a collective impact that slows down the redrawing work, as a result of you want to retailer massive objects that describe the DOM or the nodes themselves.

if(isDeepEqualNode(this._dynamic.oldNode, e)){
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pattern code model 2.0.0-beta.2

I’ll not have a lot expertise, however I feel it’s in my view, that is so.

I feel it is potential to compress a component’s node object as a lot as potential in order that the Digital DOM runs quicker, however nonetheless leaves the premise of object comparability. And this foundation has a pace restrict.

However, nonetheless, the digital DOM could be very handy, particularly when working with string interpolation. It will hold monitor of the newly added interpolation within the DOM, which is able to permit the UI to be redrawn, thus making growth simpler.

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string interpolation instance

Additionally, there’s a massive drawback and alternative in reactivity with out digital DOM, as a result of in essence, the render occurs as soon as.

class Part{

 render(); a render as soon as and work with the primary nodes


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pattern code model 2.0.0-beta.3

Thus, that risk of reRender with string interpolation disappears, which isn’t cool.

Subsequently, there’s a massive plus in working with the Digital DOM, and provided that the Digital DOM can nonetheless be actually, if not quicker, then virtually equal in pace, then there may be already a range course of when growing a framework.

Sure, you may attempt to add new parts to the nodes array of the primary render, however then it turns into essential to observe modifications within the DOM, which, once more, primarily results in the creation of the Digital DOM.

And this, I feel, is an enormous minus of the know-how of redrawing with out the Digital DOM.

Summing up, I feel that every know-how has its professionals and cons. Sure, processing with out Digital DOM is quicker, but it surely has its drawbacks, which I described above. Right here an enormous position is performed by the undertaking beneath which the work with this or that device is occurring.

P.S. Thanks all for studying! Maybe I have no idea a lot, however I feel that these ideas might have a spot to be. And what do you assume?

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