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Rule the JSON operations in Go 🧑‍⚖️

Have you ever ever puzzled how a lot golang lets you customise Json operations?

I searched about it and I discovered that we will declare our strategies for json marshal/unmarshal operations. I am unable to assure this info is usable however I believe it’s good to know. If you wish to know tips on how to do it please preserve studying 🙂

Toying with Json Interfaces

I’ll give direct code examples in right here so firstly there may be our code:

State of affairs: We’ve an exampleStruct definition at line:33. That is our consumer mannequin and it is include some problematic info in it (Like bank card information). So we wish to filter them in json marshal/unmarshal.

Create new information layer

I created a kind referred to as emailCover at line:51. I want this layer as a result of I do not wish to create recursive marshaling loop in my methodology through the use of json.Marshal(). You needn’t do it however I believe it’s extra protected for avoiding stack overflow.

Filter Coming Knowledge in json.Unmarshal()

We carried out an UnmarshalJSON methodology to our cowl at line:53. It mainly simply unmarshall all information and provides us essential fields.

Necessary: Do not forget declare object as pointer in methodology definition.

Do not Marshal Knowledge in json.Marshal()

We carried out an MarshalJSON methodology to our cowl at line:64. It mainly simply get default model of object and simply units essential fields. And returns json.Marshal() once more. Did you discover? We put exampleStruct insde return marshal. For those who attempt to give emailCover you trigger a recursion. And this causes an stack overflow error.

Necessary: Do not forget declare object as worth in methodology definition.

Further Level

Documentation says:

Marshal traverses the worth v recursively. If an encountered worth implements the Marshaler interface and isn’t a 0 pointer, Marshal calls its MarshalJSON methodology to supply JSON. If no MarshalJSON methodology is current however the worth implements encoding.TextMarshaler as a substitute, Marshal calls its MarshalText methodology and encodes the outcome as a JSON string. The nil pointer exception isn’t strictly essential however mimics an identical, essential exception within the conduct of UnmarshalJSON.

So this strategies referred to as in heir objects additionally.


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