Speed Log : the app to send parcel within persons.

Overview of My Submission

Velocity Log(Speedest Logistics) is a cellular software that enables person to ship parcels inside a Metropolis in just a few click on solely. Principal options are:

  • Consumer registration and authentification

  • Sending parcel

  • Make a proposal to hold a parcel

  • Observe a parcel by Scanning the QrCode or by Coming into the code manually.

The parts of Appwrite We used to develop this software are:

  • AppWrite Authentification: Consumer can create an account and register with e mail in our software.

Register screen

  • Appwrite Database: As soon as the person is registered, We’d like extra informations concerning the person, so we used this to avoid wasting customers informations, parcels, cities and quarters.

  • Appwrite Features: We created a customized perform to ship a push notification to customers when a brand new parcel is created, when a brand new provide for carrying parcel is made and when a proposal has been accepted by the sender.

New parcel notification
Push ahead notification

  • Appwrite Realtime: As soon as the person begins delivering a parcel, a background job launch to replace the deliverer location repeatedly so the sender can monitor the realtime location utilizing the map.

Track parcel in realtime

Submission Class:

Cell Moguls

Hyperlink to Code


Further Assets / Data

We used firebase to ship and obtain push notifications in our software, ressources used are:

Customized area:
We used our contabo VPS to put in appwrite on server.

Further screenshots

Home page

User profile page

Waiting parcels

Scan parcel Qrcode to complete the delivery

Parcel QRCode

Parcel details

Offers list

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