Went on a quest to make the most realistic, satisfying virtual fidget spinner!

Hey all,

I taught myself to code around a year a half ago, and a few weekends back I wanted to build something creative…so thought I’d try and make the most realistic, satisfying, virtual fidget spinner.

I know the fidget spinner craze was a while back but I still use my physical spinner, as well as a fidget cube, and poppit all the time!

Anyway, just wanted to share, as I’m pretty proud of it, and thought maybe others here might appreciate it.


It’s using React, React Spring and a really cool library I found called Propeller to create the inertia effect.

To make it feel even more realistic I added a fidget spinner sound effect from freesound.org (a great resource for sounds!) and made the volume increase as it spins faster.

Would love to hear what you think!

(Full disclosure, it does mention another product I’m making, but that’s seperate and not required at all to use the fidget spinner)

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