Serverless Cloud Application Development with AWS Lambda

Do you know AWS Serverless approach lets you build applications and backend services without the requirement to provision any servers? With the “pay as you use” model using AWS server less platforms an cloud application development company will charge you only to pay for what you use.

Key advantages of developing modern application on AWS Cloud

  1. Applications built with server less requires no server management. This, in turn, means no software to install.

  2. Services run by AWS server less platform offers up to 100% uptime with high reliability and availability.

  3. Serverless platforms can be scaled automatically.

  4. Serverless applications provides unlimited user capacity.

know about AWS Lambda functions for application development in cloud computing

AWS Lambda is a cloud library that offers pre-built sample functions for common use cases such as image conversion, file compression, and changing notification.

know step by step for

How it works
Create a Simple Lambda Function in 4 steps:

Read detailed article in 4-Step Guide to Create Serverless Cloud Application with AWS Lambda

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