Difference Between Content Writing Vs Blogger in 2021

We’ve all heard of content marketing. You probably even have a blog that “markets” your business. But have you ever wondered what the difference between content writing vs blogger is?

The terms “content writing” and “blogger” have been making a lot of buzz for a while now. In this article, we will focus on the differences between the two.

Content writing and blogger are two different things. The former is specific and the latter is generic.

1) Content writing, as the name suggest, deals with creating content to keep your website or blog updated. Here content means all those things that you come across on websites – from product reviews to news.

1) Blogger, on the other hand, describes a person whose hobby is to write blogs. Anyone who has a blog can be called a blogger irrespective of the content being blogged about.

2) Content writers need a degree in journalism, a short but highly competitive qualifying test, and a number of years of experience before they can make their own schedules.

2) Bloggers need nothing more than a computer with an Internet connection.

3) A content writer produces work that is factual and meant to inform and engage their audience

3) A blogger’s writing is more personally oriented and opinionated.

4) A content writer is an expert writer who is capable of writing long content ranging from 500 words to 5000 or 10,000 words

4) A blogger or a freelancer is a general type of author that writes anything and everything.

5)Content writers on the other hand wont be published frequently at all, content writers might write only once a month and it will be a complete package of materials that can reach an industry, market or company. You cannot expect for a content writer to reach the peak of his/her career in just months.  

5) Bloggers write to express an emotion or opinion. Blogger is usually written everytime they want to do such thing. So bloggers aim to publish several articles each day

I hope you learn something new Things related to blogger vs content writer

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