How to use with another exciting framework

As we mention multiple times, on our site ๐Ÿ˜…, Fylgja is component based framework, meaning you can download and use each CSS component separately.

Making it easier to combine and use with other CSS frameworks or to add it to an existing project.

So how do you actually do this?

First make sure to understand what compiler your running. There are 2 use cases;

  • SCSS based
  • PostCSS based with postcss-import

most other tools have no impact with using Fylgja.

How to use with Utility based frameworks, like TailwindCSS

So for example if you are running a TailwindCSS or other utility CSS based framework, like WindiCSS, thats one of the easiest use cases.

The only components that might conflict are the Utilpack, Transition and Transform components, since these are also utility based CSS components.

So if you are using TailwindCSS you can simply install the @fylgja/form component and include it in your CSS like this.

@import "tailwindcss/base";
@import "tailwindcss/components";

@import "@fylgja/form";

@import "tailwindcss/utilities";

And now you don’t need to add any CSS classes for your form elements, since the @fylgja/form component styles them directly.


And this way you can also add more and more Fylgja CSS components without having to create them with utility classes.

So instead having to us @apply to create a Card component, You can just include it, just as with the form. The only difference is the Fylgja Card component uses classes, but that is just wat we want, moving to a more DRY approach and still using the flexibly of utility classes. ๐Ÿ˜„

How to use with Component based frameworks, like Bootstrap

This is a little harder since some components already exists, so make sure to disable the CSS Component you want to replace.

So you can add CSS Components that don’t exist in Bootstrap, or replace existing ones with Fylgja CSS components.

For Bootstrap you could extend the utilities with our Utilpack component, adding more utility power, or add some Native CSS components like the form to simplify the HTML.

So how do you actually remove CSS components from Bootstrap?

First make sure that you don’t import Bootstrap using a single import. Instead load everything from the bootstrap.scss file separately,

@import "bootstrap";

load everything separately, like this;

// Configuration
@import "functions";
@import "variables";
@import "mixins";
@import "utilities";

// Layout & components
@import "root";
@import "reboot";
@import "type";
@import "offcanvas";
@import "placeholders";

// Helpers
@import "helpers";

// Utilities
@import "utilities/api";

and include this in your main.css with the newer @use syntax.

Now in your main.css add your Fylgja Components like you normally do. And in your custom Bootstrap import, you can disable unused components or components you want to replace with Fylgja Components.

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Pros and Cons of Vue.js Development Services

For IT organizations, it is crucial to use innovative technologies for their clients to drive revenue. Several times people are discussing the benefits of using the Vue.js programming language instead of any other and will get the conclusion that working with experienced Vue.js developer is always a better idea.

In the article, we will discuss Vue.js, the strengths and weaknesses of experts of Vue.js, and features and functions Vue.js offers for high-quality application development. Stay tuned!

What is Vue.js development?

Vue.js is developed by Evan You and It is a JavaScript-based framework first released in 2014. It is a framework to develop single-page applications. But within time, the range of Vue.js development expanded significantly.

Vue.js framework is very flexible. Vue.js can perform equally well in any kind of app development and web development.

Pros of Vue.js development

Vue.js framework offer infinite advantages compare to others. We will have a look at those advantages in this article.


Lightweight is one of the important pros of Vue.js that developer is looking for while developing. Vue.js is very convenient for developers to use for any kind of complex project.

Due to the lightweight of Vue.js, Installation and loading will be faster and it is good from the perspective of SEO and UX. Vue.js developers need to spend less time on optimization.


Many experts have to say that Vue does not need a steep learning curve, which is more easier and beneficial for fresher. With the not on the learning curve, Vue.js only needs the knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Vue.js offers the browser plugin under Chrome and Firefox, which make things easier for developers.


Vue.js can be reusable for developers who have enough experience and tech-savvy. Vue.js helps programmers to write their own code so they can use it for various functions if needed.

Ease of use

One of the main reasons behind the success of Vue.js is it is easy to use with minimal effort. Vue.js has all the necessary codes in one file. With such easy use and flexibility, developers can develop any kind of structure for applications.


Vue.js uses syntax and virtual DOM like Angular in the same way. According to Evan You, Angular offers data-managed DOM and data binding, It is just amazing.

Vue.js developers donโ€™t have to match with DOM on their own. This makes the Vue.js development easier.


To facilitate integration with existing applications, Vue.js used HTML to render objects. Vue.js is more flexible compared to other frameworks as it allows developers to write their own discretion with JSX, HTML, or JS. Based on the structure, Vue.js is similar to React and Angular. So you can easily switch from Angular or React to Vue.js.


Vue.js offer developers the easy access of all the features and functions. Each part of framework performs its function, So you can quickly adapt and implement the changes if needed.

Cons of Vue.js development

We all know that every framework has some cons, no framework could be perfect. And Same goes with Vue.js framework.

  • Lack of plugins;
  • Limitations in making use of the community;
  • Difficulties with mobile support;
  • Lack of scalability;
  • Difficulties with two-way binding;
  • Lack of highly experienced experts;
  • Excessive code flexibility.

Bottom line

If you have a wish to develop functional SPA or UI, pros of Vue.js always comes in first. Whether you want to develop the small project or large small, Vue.js will be always a perfect choice for development work.

If you want to inquire about Vue.js development services, Contact the best Vue.js development company and Hire Vue.js developer. Experience and talented Vue.js developers will help you to achieve your goals and profitable projects.

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