GitLab CI/CD Tutorial For Beginners | Learn GitLab In 1 Hour

In this GitLab Tutorial for beginners and experienced QA engineers, deep dive into the fundamentals of CI/CD, which helps you understand what is CI/CD in DevOps, what is CI/CD Pipeline and the difference between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Further, this video explains what is GitLab trigger, what are GitLab environment variables, and how to set environment variables in GitLab. By the end of this video, you will be able to build and run an automated tested GitLab CI/CD pipeline and perform cross browser testing using Lambda Test.

Also Learn:

  • What is CI/CD in GitLab?
  • How do you write CI/CDs in GitLab?
  • How do you create a GitLab CI CD pipeline?
  • What is Gitlab trigger?
  • How do I run a GitLab pipeline?
  • How do you run CI/CD pipeline?

Key Takeaway:
◦ You will learn what is CI/CD and the fundamentals of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery.
◦ You will learn the benefit of GitLab CI/CD and GitLab CI/CD Pipeline
◦ You will learn about environment variables, cached dependencies, triggers, and parameters in GitLab CI/CD
◦ You will learn to configure a CI/CD pipeline with GitLab CI/CD using LambdaTest

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GitLab CI Inheritance Sucks – DEV Community

Or at least, cross-repo inheritance.

I’ve worked at a couple of places now where GitLab CI templates are heavily used, included across repos, and inherited from.

I’ve found it confusing, inflexible, and an enemy of build reproducibility.

In a repo where this is done heavily, if I want to change something, I must figure out:

  1. Does my .gitlab-ci.yml actually contain this job at all? Or is it from a template somewhere else?
  2. Where the heck is it (or its parent) coming from? This repo includes templates from three other repos, and they include templates from other repos too. Where it at???
  3. How do I change the parent job without breaking any other pipelines that depend on it? Maybe I can just inherit from it and add a before_script? But what if the parent job gets updated with its own before_script later, and my overriding it breaks something?
  4. Will the person who owns the parent template’s repo let me change it?

So after getting all of that out of the way, I make the change in the template repo. It breaks someone else’s pipeline somewhere. But there wasn’t even a commit to their repo. Their pipeline just suddenly just starts failing. What?? This totally breaks build reproducibility!

I’ve gotten to where I’d rather just have a bunch of duplicated GitLab CI code across repos.

Am I crazy, am I missing something, or do others feel the same?

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Meet The Tanukis: Michael Friedrich

Meet the Tanukis is a stream about the amazing Team members at GitLab. Each episode focuses on a team member discussing issues in tech that are important to them. This episode features Michael Friedrich, Senior Developer Evangelist

Everyone can Contribute Cafe!
Michael’s presentation at 55:04
Michael’s OSS journey

Free Licenses for Education/Research Institutions!

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