Your health is your wealth – the importance of taking care of yourself as a software developer

As an upcoming software developer, I am well aware of how inundated we can be in completing as many projects as soon as possible. We do this to improve our understanding of a language before progressing to the next language to learn, or to improve our completed project list to demonstrate we can apply our knowledge. Due to this, we are more likely to neglect out health – both physical and mental, which plays a major key role in success in any field. Indeed, there have been times where I would sit down working on a project for more than 8 hours with little to no breaks. I would do an all-nighter because I am trying to discover the error ruining my code. Only for it to turn out to be a small syntax error. Wonderful. Whilst all this is important, I believe as software developers, we tend to forget about our health which is not good. You matter to people – your family, relatives and close friends. Therefore, the unintentional harm you inflict on yourself can impact others. In this blog, I will be providing tips I practically use to take care of myself as an upcoming software developer.


I am disciplined when it comes to fitness, so this is extremely easy for me. For others, this may be difficult because they dislike the idea of exercising. The thoughts of going to gym automatically drains their energy. You do not need to go to the gym five times per week. If you have the time, that is great. You can visit the gym three times per week to keep you physically active. This is what I do with the fitness program I bought. If you don’t have time to visit the gym at all, try jogging or going for walks every day. If your local park has an outdoor gym, use it. This all has tremendous benefits in keeping you physically active and your health good.


I meditate once a day in the morning. Meditation can help reduce stress which leads to less anxiety. Good for keeping you in a calm state.

Time for yourself

Personally, once in a while, I have days where I practically do nothing related to code. I use this time to discover new activities I may like, or I treat myself to something good as a reward for the work the I have done. I believe it is important to sometimes to take a break and do something else. By doing this, we are at least trying to bring balance to work and life diverting us from overwhelming ourselves. Yesterday, on the 3rd of September 2021, I went to see the new Marvel movie: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Great film; it was a good breather.

I hope to post more in the future to have a positive impact in this community and others.

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Building a habit – DEV Community

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

You probably know this quote and its meaning, which is, “Great things take time”.

The same goes to building an amazing lifestyle or being a great Techie 🙂

It’s all about the game of “patience“.

If you play it right, you’ll become successful, if you try to cheat, you’ll fail in the process.

The #1 reason you fail in building a habit, is because you don’t try to build habits, but you try to build a lifestyle.

Habit ≠ Good Lifestyle

Habits compounded = Good Lifestyle

You can’t build an amazing lifestyle, without building great habits.

To build great habits, you need to be patient and build ONE at a time.

I’ve tried it both ways, and I’ve failed horribly.

I’ve tried building 10 habits at once and building 1 habit at a time and I’ve noticed the second is more effective.


I’ll explain.

Think about the reason why you never succeed with your new year’s resolutions?

You don’t have patience.

You expect results fast.

When you start to build too many habits all at the same time, you overwhelm yourself with all these new things and when the excitement wears off, you slip out of it.

Because it’s not fun anymore, you feel bored, you get disappointed because your lifestyle didn’t change in a week or month.

When you focus on building one habit at a time, you don’t feel overwhelmed but you feel obliged to do it on a daily basis.

You can focus on building one habit for 21 days and then it becomes a daily ritual, after that you can start working on building another habit, and so on.

If you follow this — You will have successfully have built 17 new habits in 1 year.

Doesn’t that sound crazy? 🤯

It only takes 21 days to build a habit.

So take it one step at a time, build a habit, then another, and another, compounding towards building that amazing lifestyle you want.

If I get good comments, I’ll show you how to take actionable steps towards building great habits as a developer and how I track my habits and stick to them.

Disclaimer: this are all personal view that work for me if if doesn’t work for you maybe build yours.

Drop by drop is the water pot filled. -Buddha

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