Can Kubernetes Save You Money?

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Kubernetes is not known as a particularly economic option. If you’re migrating to a distributed architecture from a simple virtual machine, you’re likely to see an increase in hosting costs and hours spent on setup at first.

A recent article on our RunX blog talked about how you can save money using Opta to deploy the same project to AWS you previously would have hosted on Heroku.

I’m curious if you’ve seen overall cost savings by switching to Kubernetes, either from an older distributed compute tool or a monolithic architecture.

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Should one practice test-last development before learning TDD?

I’d been writing tests for a while in a test-last development manner before learning how to develop software using the test-driven technique.

I find that many developers feel daunted by the practice of writing failing tests before writing the implementation/production code to make the tests pass, especially when they have little or no experience writing tests at all.

Since I can’t go back in time and learn software testing using a test-driven development approach, I honestly don’t know what it feels like and have thus decided to elicit the opinion of the community 🙂

Do you think it’s better to introduce someone with no test writing experience to the practice of software testing with TDD right off the bat? Or is it better to learn TDD after becoming familiar with test-last development?

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