How to find a Front-end job for React?

I come from China and work in Shanghai. I have two years of front-end development experience.

Used Vue 2 for a year.

The currently developed projects using React, TypeScript, Node, Nest, TypeORM, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

I prefer software development under TypeScript type programming.

My English level is average, and occasionally I need some software to assist (Google Translate).

  • Reading: Reading English documents is basically barrier-free.

  • Write: There are basically no obstacles to writing work emails.

  • Listening: My hearing is relatively weak.

  • Say: My spoken English is relatively weak. Can simple daily communication.

I plan to learn English every day.

I hope to find a remote job in China or a foreign job in English that can provide a work permit.

If I provide a work permit, I would really like to go to Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

Hope to meet future employers. I am very happy to join your team.

Due to privacy issues, I leave the Email and Github.

Welcome to contact me by Email.

If you have any suggestions, please leave me a message.

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