Grow Your Business With These Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Do you own a law firm? Or plan to start one? Well, whatever the scenario is you obviously would want to grow it in size and thrive in the competitive market. And to grow you’ll need more clients that would add to your business and profitability. Having a concrete law firm marketing strategy ensures your firm expands by the use of various law marketing strategies. Moreover, it is important that we update our strategies to keep moving forward in the competitive market.

In this post, we will be talking about how you can grow your firm to the next level by creating a set of firm marketing strategies and executing them based on your goals.

9 Law firm Marketing Strategies

Your law firm’s marketing strategy should be curated according to your firm’s goal and core values. There are certain strategies that will make your firm stand out and add value to your law firm if implied strategically. Some of them are:

1. Build a Brand
Your brand is what you want your law firm to be seen as to the public. It is more than just updating your logo. As a law firm your brand might seem the same as other brands do out there, despite your core values and product might differ. You know the unique value of your law firm, so you would know how to showcase your law firm differently. You also would want to build a positive brand image that forms trust for your customers.

2. Design an attractive law firm design
All other law firm marketing strategies will not be as effective unless you invest into building an amazing website and strengthen your brand on an online platform. Make sure of the following when launching your website:
=> Is it mobile, laptop and tablet friendly
=> Easy to navigate
=> News/blog section
=> Different page for each of your lawyer
=> Built – in – security
=> Professional logo
=> Engaging and informative content

3. Work on your SEO to improve your search engine ranking
You need to be seen on the first page of the search engine to get maximum visitors and traffic to your website. You can run SEO or Google Adwords campaigns. Some of the important practices in SEO research are having professionally written content, keyword research, optimal title & description, optimized images, and logical website architecture. Mobile-friendly compatibility of your website also improves your SEO ranking.

4. Get on Social Media
Getting your business on social media marketing can be an interesting law firm marketing strategy to grow your business. You don’t have to create an account on all social media platforms but maybe only where you have your strongest customer base. It is usually Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google to get your customers engaging in your business. With social media done right it can benefit your business in :
=> Reaching a large audience for little financial investment
=> Building community and brand authority
=> Providing clients alternative ways to reach you

5. Get into legal directories
Being listed on legal directories can be very beneficial for your law firm marketing. It is a reputated source of information for potential customers. It also contributes to your SEO as it will help with link building and obtaining traffic.

6. Try Videos or Webinars
Every Business longs for attention. They try every possible way to get attention from potential clients. Videos are possibly the best way to grab people’s attention and it is the fastest way to spread your content to a wide audience. They help you build expertise, stand out and generate new clients.

7. Email Marketing
Email marketing offers a lot of boost to your law firm marketing for minimal effort. Email marketing is also easy to measure in terms of the recipient’s behavior on the email. It also supports the A/B testing, where you send the same campaign to different sets of recipients in different styles/formats to see the variations in results in two email promotions.

8. Search Advertising
While SEO is an organic way to improve your ranking on google search engines. You can also go for a paid online advertising campaign for the same to attract potential clients to your website. There are two types of paid search engine advertising:
=> Pay Per Click (PPC): In this campaign each time a visitor clicks on your ad, advertisers pay a certain amount to the search engine.
=> Google Advertising: Here advertisers bid to be displayed on the search engine as well as non-search websites, mobile apps, blog pages, etc.

9. Content Marketing
Content marketing is a marketing tactic where that helps to build your brand expertise, offer value to potential customers and drive traffic to your website. This could include content like blog posts, videos, infographics, or podcasts. The content should depend on your target client’s persona so that readers connect with it and develop an interest in your website.

KPIs to Monitor your Law firm’s Marketing Strategies
Monitoring your strategies is a crucial part and can’t be overlooked. Without tracking you won’t know what was actually working and what was not. If it’s working you might want to work more into it and if it’s not, you are simply wasting your time and efforts or you might want to improve. So here’s how you can track those strategies:
=> Ask for clients’ feedback: Ask your firm’s assistant to follow up with clients with a set of questionnaires about how they came across your company.
=> Analyze website analytics: Google analytics can help you gather data like from which website did the visitor come before visiting yours, how long people are spending on your website (bounce rate), and traffic.
=> Source data from your client’s intake software: There is software that lets you identify referral sources for new customers and enables you to make custom reports on lead sources.

To establish your law firm design in the highly competitive market you need to put yourself out there and implement these law firms’ marketing strategies. There are several ways to market your firms but the most success will come when you start with setting your SMART goals. However, agencies like Janbask are very well know how to put all these together and integrate them effectively.

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