Husky + lint-staged – DEV Community

In this post, I’ll show you how to improve your husky workflow, using pre-commit to trigger error checking on your code before uploading it to the repository.

To get started, let’s install husky with the following command:

yarn add husky -D

In the package.json file I define the scope of the husky with the hook call and then the scope with the definition of the files to be checked, in the example I define the files that end in js and ts.

      "pre-commit": "lint-staged"
    "*.js, ts": [""]

At this point it is necessary to install and configure eslint, in this article I explain how to install eslint step by step link.

Here I configure it to automatically fix our changes: eslint --fix, if it can’t fix the file, it will inform the user about the error, so I set git add to include the changes fromeslint -fix

      "*.js, ts": ["eslint --fix", "git add ."]

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