7 Out of Office Places to Spark Your Creativity

Creative ideas aren’t always easy to come up with, but some days are harder than others. When those days come, sitting in your office and staring at the walls rarely helps. In fact, working from a static environment might just be the reason you hit a creative wall. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to get your creative gears rolling. A new location allows you to interact with new people and see different things that can easily bring fresh ideas and new perspectives. If all your creative juices have drained, here are 7 suggestions of places that you can visit to jumpstart your creative part of the brain.

  1. Bookstore/library

    Libraries are a hub for information of different kinds that are bound to give you tons of fresh ideas. You can read a book on a topic that you are currently working on. Even without reading, the features of a book such as the cover, texture, and the weight of different books can take you into the author’s mind. You are likely to find inspiration as you identify different clues of what to find inside the book. Besides this, most libraries have quiet spaces where you can just plug in your computer and enjoy the silence. This could be a plus for you if you are one of those individuals who find inspiration when it is quiet.

    1. Coworking space
      Coworking spaces provide a dedicated space for work away from the chaos usually found in offices. In addition, coworking spaces have all the amenities that you need for ideas to start flowing. The good thing about these modern workspaces is that they are almost everywhere you go, including in New York. If you travel to NY for business, you can be sure to find one among the reliable coworking spaces in New York that suit your needs.
    2. A friend’s house
      The missing piece to your big idea could just be lying in your friend’s mind. Your friends see things differently from you. A simple conversation could unlock ideas that you hadn’t thought of. The next time you hit a creativity fog, drive down to your friend’s house. Share what you have been working on and ask for his or her opinion. You might just find some inspiration in something he or she says.
    3. The road
      Taking a long drive once in a while can be refreshing to the mind. There is a lot that you can think of when it is only you, the steering wheel, some music, and the open road ahead. Driving without a defined destination can be exciting and liberating. You get the chance to think freely, which activates that creative part of the brain. To make the most of your time on the road, make stopovers at interesting sceneries and interact with strangers whenever you get the chance. You are likely to gain a new perspective on your creative project and birth the best ideas from the experience.
    4. Old favorite place
      We all have that place that we used to frequent quite a lot but haven’t done so in a while due to increasing life commitments. It could be a park in your old neighborhood, the beach or a cottage in the woods. Revisiting such a place can bring back the excitement that it used to back in the day. What’s more, allowing yourself to relive the memories can as well inspire some creativity in your brain.
    5. Hiking trail
      Being around nature is beneficial to the brain owing to its calming effect. Moreover, when the brain is calm, the creative part of it becomes active. In addition, nature has a way of making us appreciate the surroundings. It is just fascinating to gain the perspective of a bigger world than you can merely comprehend. In this state of fascination, fresh ideas and new perspectives hit the mind.
    6. Art museum
      Art museums are home to creative pieces made by great minds in the creative industry drawn from different origins and eras. By far, they are the best place for learning. There is a lot that you can learn from a single piece of art. The style, color, and more can speak volumes on what was on the artist’s mind, which broadens your thinking.

Inspiration can hit anywhere and at any time. On the days that it is hard to come, getting out of the office can do the trick. The next time you feel like your creative well is dry, look for a place that can inspire you and get ideas flowing. If you have no idea where to go, one of the above seven spots can be a great start.

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How to avoid burnout as a Developer

Let’s pause the technical stuff for a week and talk about how should we maintain our mental health as a developer (as a human).

I have always been a self-motivated person and wanting to push myself to do more and learn more in life. Besides, I had a bad habit where I tend to blame myself so much and felt guilty when I failed to make good use of time. My friends told me that I should get some chill and it’s ok to be relax sometimes. However, I did not listen to that and felt that I should not waste any little piece of my time in my 20’s. In turn, I slept lesser, kept on forcing myself to sit in front of the computer even though I did not feel like in on that day.

It was just a random night that I suddenly had breathlessness.

I was kinda panic and almost wanted to call the ambulance. As one of my best friends, I reached out to Mr.Google to seek for some self-help methods (bad example, please get help from medical experts) and luckily it did reduce my symptom. Started from that day, I kept having a chest distress and feeling difficult in breathing. I started being suspicious on every part of my body where I felt like none of them is working well. I had seek countless medical help (even a full body checkup). However, all the doctors came out with the same diagnosis: You do not have any issue with your physical health, but it seems like your are experiencing some ANXIETY issues.

I started to think where did this anxiety come from. I did not have too much stress at work as the projects were still manageable, and all my colleagues are awesome. By then, I realized that the source of stress is me, from myself. I had been in the loop of forcing myself to make use of every single second of my life, then I failed and blamed myself for being such an indiscipline person. I believed that I am not the only one having this issue. As a developer, most of us have IMPOSTER SYNDROME, where we always feel like we know nothing and we must be on the lowest end of the curve. This feeling of self-abasement has caused us to wanting to improve and exhaust ourselves.

We all forget this one thing: No one is PERFECT.

When having this imaginery self of being the best programmer in the world, we also have that sense of disappointment to ourselves for not reaching to that level.

One thing that I do to overcome this, is to write down reflections.

Look back at yourself a few years / months ago, just how much have you improved? We don’t compare ourselves to others as everyone has a different set of situations and starting point. Who we should compare to is the yesterday self. As long as we are 1% better than that, it is something worth celebrating. By doing this, there is no way that you could not become a better person in the LONG RUN.

Another thing that helps me a lot is to get rid of my social media apps on phone.

People tend to show us the better side of their life and we might start doing comparison subconciously. “Look at these people, they are all living fulfilling and productive lives … I am such a loser.” If you are able to turn all these into motivation to go forward, I think that is good for you. However, most of us will just feel the frustration. Thus, I would suggest that you may uninstall those applications from your phone, but access them through the phone browser if you have to do some catchups with friends. With this, you can increase the resistance of turning them on and get your own life back. It works for me and highly recommended that you try it out.

Lastly, take a break if you have to.

The activities that I would suggest would be having a casual walk (it would be even better to walk in the nature), just flex your brain a little bit. It is totally fine to grab a cup of coffee with friends, to watch a great movie or take a short nap. Exercising is also a great way to reduce the anxiety.

Fortunately, I have been feeling much better nowadays and I am able to share these with all of you. I treat myself much better and I have learnt how to slot resting time into my time blocks. Hope this article could helps.

Do follow me for more future articles on web design, programming and self-improvement 😊

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Lack of Motivation

I don’t know about you but I sure lack motivation to work on projects and just get out of bed sometimes, most of us struggle with anxiety, depression and even acute mental disorders, but the one thing that seems to keep us going is a reconnection with the world around us, I want to tell you all a little story of how I found my motivation back.

And by “little story” I really mean it, I didn’t really know it at the time I was just living life as I usually did and then it hit me, the depression and lack of motivation to even get on the computer, being stuck in a cycle of wake up, watch tv, eat and sleep. I found myself stuck in a hole that at the time to be honest I didn’t really care if I came out of that hole or not, however, what changed after the months of depression and anxiety to even leave the house, was a trip I took back home, you see I live in Germany, quite far away from my home in England, and this trip back home did something that changed my whole life that I had been living for months and it opened my eyes and I found new and old passions for things I love and hate, I found new and exciting things to do and I managed to change my life for better.

I know many people out there suffer in even worse conditions maybe even in the same conditions as I did, and my point here is that not everyone is living their lives without anxiety and depression, everyone and I mean EVERYONE, is just as troubled as you.

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Lack of Motivation

I don’t know about you but I sure lack motivation to work on projects and just get out of bed sometimes, most of us struggle with anxiety, depression and even acute mental disorders, but the one thing that seems to keep us going is a reconnection with the world around us, I want to tell you all a little story of how I found my motivation back.

And by “little story” I really mean it, I didn’t really know it at the time I was just living life as I usually did and then it hit me, the depression and lack of motivation to even get on the computer, being stuck in a cycle of wake up, watch tv, eat and sleep. I found myself stuck in a hole that at the time to be honest I didn’t really care if I came out of that hole or not, however, what changed after the months of depression and anxiety to even leave the house, was a trip I took back home, you see I live in Germany, quite far away from my home in England, and this trip back home did something that changed my whole life that I had been living for months and it opened my eyes and I found new and old passions for things I love and hate, I found new and exciting things to do and I managed to change my life for better.

I know many people out there suffer in even worse conditions maybe even in the same conditions as I did, and my point here is that not everyone is living their lives without anxiety and depression, everyone and I mean EVERYONE, is just as troubled as you.

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100 Awesome tech talks – 1: Ease at work – Kent beck

Ease at work – Kent Beck

What does ease mean?

  • State of comfort
  • Freedom from worry, pain or agitation
  • Readiness in performance, facility

State of comfort

We need to have a sense when working that we are doing the right thing, that we are at the right place, that we are answering our calling.

Freedom from worry, pain or agitation

  • anxiety is kryptonite for programmers
  • if we are worrying, we are not doing our best work.
  • we are anxious about deadlines, expectations
  • we are worrying about technology, looking at new technology

Readiness in performance, facility

  • We should not worry about things that dont matter
  • care deeply about things that do matter.
  • care deeply about our work -> be fulfilling some kind of purpose

What causes unease?

  • We have to work on the sense of ease
  • what is taking it away?, how to get it back?

Battle between two extremities

  • We are swinging between two extreme states
  • We are awesome, the best programmer in the world
  • We are bad, the worst programmer
  • We need to reduce the amplitude of these swings so that our self image is correlated with reality.
  • We need to manage these extremes

How to be more at ease?

My work matters

  • If we believe that our work does not matter, we are not at ease
  • work that does not matter is a place of dis-ease
  • Find purpose in different ways
    • Economic : sales go up, company is more valuable
    • Social impact

Knowing that the code works

  • TDD – designs get better, more feedback, more documentation
    • I know that my code works.
    • fear is transmuted into boredom.
  • Afraid of breaking something, causes unease


  • be proud of your code.
  • we can be proud of our code in different dimensions.
    • following best practices
    • writing clean code
    • taking a mess and cleaning it up
    • adding successfully to a mess
  • when we are proud of our work, we are at ease

Make public commitments

  • make public commitments about what you are going to do
  • accountability -> without excuse, without blaming others
    • not blaming others
  • we can fall short sometimes.
  • when we can account for ourselves -> we are at ease
  • schedule chicken -> everybody in the table knows you are not going to make the schedule

Interpret feedback

  • interpret both positive and negative feedback.
  • dont be carried away by both positive and negative feedback.

I am a beginner

  • learning new things help us see the limits of our knowledge
  • we get more feedback by deliberately putting ourselves in the mindset of a beginner


  • Meditation helps us with ease


  • Deliberately doing things with no sense of reward.
  • helping others

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval

  • Mark Twain

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Insights into a working day of a developer in a project

Today was my first day on the new project team. Although today’s focus was on the setup, I already learned a lot of (useful) things and tools that I didn’t know before. (I guess that’s the great part of always working in other project teams).

Let me describe today in more detail 🤓

Daily Scrum Meeting
I attended the usual Daily for the first time today. The project has been going on for several months and I’m new to it (this is common, people coming and going during the project). All the devs talked about their issues and the latest status.

I had been assigned a mentor 🥰 with whom I set up my laptop. By the way, this is an additional laptop, there is an extra laptop for each project for security reasons. I was given all the access to the tools they use, Microsoft Teams, GitLab, etc.

New for me was that we work with Jira, an agile management tool, with Scrum board (there are also other boards like Kanban). There all current issues are entered in the Scrum Backlog, active ones were assigned to a Dev, in the Product Backlog you can find the whole list of all issues. Jira is a very clear and good tool to work effectively as a Scrum team.

As you can see, Scrum is very present, so I recommend you to get familiar with the framework before your first job. It will definitely come across well in the interview if you have already dealt with it.

Furthermore, we use Jenkins, also new for me, with which I guess you can build, deploy and automate the software. I haven’t used it yet, so I don’t know anything about it.

CMD Shortcuts
Shortcuts I learned today in the CMD 📝: when you type ‘cd ‘, you can tab through all the existing folders in your current folder to select the one you want and don’t have to remember exactly what the folders are called. And if you want to run an already executed command again, you can tab through all the previous commands and select the one needed with the up arrow key. Very handy, I wish I had known it earlier.

GitLens was also recommended to me to use. It is an extension in VSC that allows you to run git commands very quickly. It shows available branches, which one has merged into which one and much more. 😵 I have never seen so many branches in one project…. My issue has the number 875 😅

I also had to install NVM, a node version manager. I heard about it for the first time. We use it because webpack doesn’t always have the same version in the different branches. And for everything to work, you have to select which node version you want to work with in each branch using e.g. nvm use 16.13.1.

Today was great. 🥳 I learned so many new things without writing a single line of code. I’m really looking forward to finally getting started with my issue.

Thank you

Thanks for your reading and time. I really appreciate it!

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Life Lessons : The Fourth Passenger

I have dropped the pen for a while but looking at the stacks of UN-shared life lessons and write ups !
I have to share this and lighten the vessel .

The fourth passenger is borne out of a whole lot of personal and virtual experiences, I really hope y’all able to get the message !

I boarded an “along” vehicle ,
Four passengers are to be at the back seat.

Though, I am very sure the back seat was originally designed to accommodate 3 passengers , but you know, prices of things have gone up!, even the drivers need to make ends meet and NURTW does not apparently care about the welfare of passengers
(if at all they ever did).
So they stuff the back seats with 4 passengers!

Well, on this particular day,
I was the third passenger,
It was barely convenient for us even before the fourth passenger joined us.

The driver drove on with the hope of getting the fourth passenger along the way.

I could not contain the thought of a fourth passenger joining us, it would be worse !

So, I decided to pay for the fourth (vacant) seat but I kept this plan to myself and stayed mute.

Keeping mute is not so nice but cunningly smart …..
You can’t blame me too,
We are all saving cost ! 😂.
No one knew my intention of paying for the fourth seat, 
We kept moving !

This is the exact plan…

I was actually waiting ….. to see if the driver would be able to make efforts to find a fourth passenger to shove to the back seat.

You know, that would determine my next line of action .
If he happens to find a fourth passenger, then,
I will reveal my intention of paying for the extra (fourth) seat 💺 ….. 😞!
And If he does not find any, I will just “throway face” and continue to enjoy the “free-spaced” ride.!

Well, …..

That’s exactly how lot of things are in life !
I have seen several life scenarios based exactly on this model!

Lotta people are waiting to see
 “if you would make it”
“If you could do it”
“If you could achieve it”

Before proffering their (long) “due” responsibilities, duties, and help ….

I have seen it played out a lot in life,
Lot of people would only step in to help you, do the right thing they needed to have done, only when they discovered you have been able to pull through without their actions and or in-actions.

Some people are denied their due benefits ’cause they were thought undeserving, or they have not made enough efforts.

Some are waiting to see if you are “worth” it, or whether you deserved it according to their own criteria before giving it to you!

As far as I was concerned ,
The driver did not worth getting paid for a passenger he has not found until he actually got one.

Lot of people won’t help you until you have made a positively resulted efforts.

That’s why your rich uncle or friend might not help you with your educational pursuit until you study hard and you graduate!
You know, that’s a point when you can actually do without their involvement!

That’s why your company won’t promote you at the due time until you work so much on yourself till they see other companies bidding for you.

In relationships,
A lot of people don’t value or rate their partners until their partners are valued by someone more than them!
It’s not like people really want to step in and assist you, they will only be forced to do so when they know you have grown to a level you can do without their so called assistance.

Psychologically, some people find it easier to help those that don’t actually need the help, than the actual needy ones !

The baseline message is
make EFFORTS ,
Help yourself ,
Build yourself *

Try your best on your own without necessarily depending on a virtual or promised help anywhere!

Lot of people would proffer lot of helps, advices , assistances when you are already up there, when you technically don’t really need their assistance and you will just wonder where were all these before you got here !

I can keep on with so many examples and (not personal) experiences ..

I was a newbie on some stuffs , 
I really needed some one to just put me through but my supposed helper (maybe sincerely)was too busy! 
But he came back looking for me to help me when he knew I have been able to get them fixed!

I needed a setup from a friend,
He didn’t give me, by the time he learnt I have made research and found an alternative and sure source of getting the same setup !
He proffered the same aid I earlier requested!

The company I worked with delayed my promotion but swept to action when they got the news of a bigger company fixing a virtual appointment meeting with me .

A lot !
Some scenarios are just too ridiculous!

If you don’t make (right) efforts to put your self up, No body will rate you !
Make (right) efforts !
Make efforts to get your fourth passenger and you would be surprised at how many were willing to pay for the fourth seat!
The fourth passenger ~ amfstacks

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Web Developer, why become one?

Web development, you must have heard of this word before and specially if you’re from some technical background.
But what does this mean?
The websites you see are made by Web-developers of course you must have seen, everyone knows about them, they are like pages that show some information and more.
Well in 2021 almost everyone is familiar with programming and many are even learning some languages, but no matter how good programmer you are, you can’t ignore web. Now by this I don’t mean that web-developers are not programmers but there is a thin grey line between both in my opinion. What people know about both of them is that they earn a considerable amount which satisfactory to hear but the efforts behind that comfort is HUGE!
Web-developers are in every company you see today even in startups because everyone needs that page for themselves. So now you might think how can one call himself a web-developer is there some sort of degree that one needs to do?
Well no, there are many tutorials and guides out there on the internet and many communities that beginner friendly that love to help beginners and guide them through their journey, please note that I’m not referring to some paid courses or any sort of promotion, it’s just for guidance.
Hope this was inspiring.

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Four tips for staying motivated while learning


Software engineering is a field that is regularly changing. Thus, developers must be continual learners to stay sharp.

However, motivating yourself to learn and creating a lasting habit can be difficult, especially if you’re self-studying outside of school or work. Below are four techniques that I use to stay motivated while learning.

Quick reference

  1. Set deadlines
  2. Gamify
  3. Spice it up
  4. Identify the end goal

1. Set deadlines

Learning without structure can feel like an endless task with no end in sight; it’s often nice to have a sense of progress. I’ve found that artificial deadlines give me something to work toward and cleanly mark progress.

Here are some examples of deadlines you could set for yourself:

  • I will study Python for 30 minutes by the end of the day
  • I will complete one module of my online JavaScript course by Friday every week
  • I will finish two projects by the end of the month

Make sure to create manageable deadlines; experiment until you find something right for you. You may want to try a large interval at first and narrow it down until you find the sweet spot.

For example, when I first started blogging, I wanted to publish bi-weekly. I quickly realized that writing and researching a quality post in two weeks wasn’t possible for me, so I changed to a monthly schedule.

2. Gamify

Deadlines aren’t for everyone: you might have better luck incentivizing yourself through gamification.

For instance, you could implement a basic point system in which you earn a point every day you study SQL. You can use 14 points to treat yourself to a small meal or pay yourself five dollars. Or, you could reward yourself some other way when you’ve done something five consecutive days.

I find the most motivation from the Seinfeld method. The idea is that every day you do something––learning in some way, in our case––you put a red X through the day on a calendar. The more days you add X’s, the longer the chain of X’s gets; your goal is to “not break the chain.” This method is essentially point-earning and provides an incentive for showing up consistently.

3. Spice it up

I’ve found it helpful to vary how I study the material. I find that learning through one medium can be tiring after a while. Temporarily switching the medium motivates me to keep learning.

If I’m learning one topic, I find a preferred, primary medium for studying it––typically text. I’ll then augment this material with other media such as YouTube videos and podcasts.

For example, if I’m learning about prototypes in JavaScript, I’ll spend most of my time reading Mozilla documentation or other articles. When I’ve absorbed that material, I’ll watch various YouTube videos about prototypes and then try to write code and build something that uses them.

4. Identify the end goal

Finally, learn with a clear goal in mind, and use this goal to remind yourself why you’re learning.

Why are you learning? Maybe you’re preparing for a career change that will boost your income. Or perhaps you’re learning in public to help others and gain credibility. (Upward mobility has been a good impetus for me.)

Remind yourself of this goal frequently: write it down on a sticky note attached to your computer or set a reminder on your phone; whatever is visible to you.

Most importantly, find a goal that motivates you when you’re the most unmotivated. A resilient objective can carry you through the periods when you’d rather watch Netflix or stop learning.


All of these methods might not work for you, but hopefully, you’ve been able to pick up something helpful. Let me know in the comments if there’s a motivation technique you use that I missed!

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Don't Miss The Opportunity that Web 3.0 Gives You

In the last decade, there has been a change in how we use our computers. Web 2.0 was all about social media and blogs with a focus on connecting people over the internet. Today, we are
entering the age of Web 3.0 which is defined as an internet that is decentralized and uses blockchain technology to power it through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

So I’ll tell you about these technologies more deeply and show you the ways how you can be part of it.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that was created to store immutable data, ensure security and make this world more decentralized. It has become very popular because of its use in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum however, it can be used for many other applications as well. For example, Companies are using blockchain tech to change the way we buy music or how our internet service providers work. And it’s called NFT and we’ll talk about it a little bit later

Smart Contracts and Ethereum

To understand what Web 3.0 is we first need to understand how the most famous usage of blockchain, and I’m talking about Cryptocurrency. The first stage of cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, you can imagine that Bitcoin is just a digital gold that people can buy from anywhere and anytime what they want. It brought the technology of Decentralization and Blockchain itself and over time people started making Cryptocurrencies that are much better than Bitcoin and we’re calling that the second stage of Cryptoccunrecies or Blockchain. One example of that is Ethereum. Ethereum is not already just a digital gold, it brings an open-source platform where other people can easily build their own cryptos. Also, Ethereum can take more transactions per second and that’s why most people loved Ethereum, however, there’s even one more crucial technology called Smart Contracts that reduces all internet crime and help people to say their digital assets (NFT) without any problems. There’s another stage of the Crypto Industry that uses the technology of PoS rather than PoW but we’ll stay at the second stage for now.

What are NFTs?

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a cryptocurrency that can be used in gaming, art, and many other fields where it’s important who the token belongs to.

What does that mean? For instance, Mona Liza is some sort of NFT too, because it stores information into it, so you’ll never pay the same price for a copy of Mona Lisa rather than for the original itself. That’s the simple definition of NFT – you can sell and buy something that stores information into it and you can be the only owner of it.

NFTs have some unique features which make them different from standard digital assets like Cryptocurrencies. Alright, now we know that there’s can be only one NFT for your specific topic and that means each NFT is different from others and each of them has it’s own unique thus you can’t make copies of them.

What’s Web-based NFT?

Web-based NFT tokens are the next generation of NFTs – they will be stored on a decentralized ledger where all transactions made with this token will reflect on NFTs themselves. Web-based NFT will bring the next revolution to the NFT market and we can expect a lot of new NFT products in this space which opens up opportunities for many people, not only blockchain developers or gamers but also artists who can sell their art online without intermediaries like Amazon or eBay.

What does that mean for NFTs?

NFTs are already used in gaming and other fields, but their real potential has not been unleashed yet. One of the main reasons for that is the low number of NFT transactions per day which shows how popular this technology is starting to be. That’s why we can expect big growth in the NFT market because there will be more products from different people and that will mean the growth in NFT transactions per day and will increase demand in this sphere.

Thanks to Web-based NFT which allows us to buy NFTs on websites, not only with Ethereum or Bitcoin but also using your local currency like Dollars or Euros which makes it even easier for non-crypto users and contributes to the spread of this to the masses.

How NFTs will change the way we do business?

NFT has a unique feature which is that it can be described as a self-sovereign identity. That means NFT owners have full control over their information and they won’t need to disclose any personal data or even use any intermediaries in order to sell NFTs as they do on eBay or Amazon. NFT owners can take full advantage of this technology and sell NFTs worldwide without any restrictions which makes it even more interesting for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business globally. NFTs will also give you more opportunities to get financing for your idea because of the unique features they have.

Now it’s time for NFT entrepreneurs and Blockchain developers who want to be part of this revolution, so if you are thinking about creating some kind of product that has NFTs in it then start working on them right now, because NFTs are becoming more and more popular every day.

As we see NFTs have great potential which has not been unleashed yet and NFT entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to become successful in the NFT industry. We can expect more products that will bring changes into our daily lives just like smartphones did 20 years ago, so don’t miss this chance of being among NFT’s first movers because it’s worth it!


That was an explanation of Web 3.0 and now you need to understand that it’s a new technology and sphere which includes many years of development and marketing, so now we’re at the pick of popularity and anyone can be part of it before it will be too late. If you have something to add while reading this, then you can surely leave a comment and I’ll answer it as fast as I can. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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