Top 3 Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress (2022)

A WordPress photo gallery makes it simple to show photographs on a website in a visually appealing manner.

However, it may not be easy to choose the WordPress gallery plugin that delivers the appropriate balance of functionality, aesthetics, and simplicity of use with so many alternatives to select from.

In this post, we bring you the top WordPress image gallery plugins that help you make your website look much better.

Top 3 Photo WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

In our view, the ideal photo gallery WordPress plugin should be quick, simple to use, and have all of the required elements for creating stunning galleries.

The WordPress Plugins should provide an excellent user experience while also assisting with picture SEO.

1) Album and Image Gallery plus Lightbox

If you are looking for a WordPress gallery plugin that will allow you to show an image gallery or album on the front-end of your WordPress website using shortcode and a gallery field that provides a straightforward interface for managing a picture collection,,, this is it!

With our feature-rich WordPress image gallery plugin, you have complete control over the gallery’s appearance and layout, so you can select the look and feel that best matches your website.

You may select from 30+ themes and 7 layout choices to display your photographs in the most visually appealing and compelling manner possible.

2) Meta slider and Carousel with Lightbox

Create stunning panoramas on your WordPress website with the WordPress photo gallery plugin, the most user-friendly and easy plugin interface available.

It also contains a gallery meta box located in the post Or page and Page area. With this plugin, you can display your photographs with a light-box slider image gallery and more.

Create an eye-catching slideshow of your best photos. You can display your stunning images to the world using the WordPress image gallery plugin. Slideshows on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices are all fully responsive.

You may select from 20+ slider styles with numerous 5 slider layout possibilities to display your photos, publish a picture gallery with a light-box slider with the photo gallery WordPress plugin.

3) WP Logo Showcase Responsive Slider

Most users use WordPress Logo Showcase Plugin because of its excellent functionality, appealing and simple design styles, reliability, and quickness when it comes to building a spectacular logo gallery for your sponsors or clients.

Your company’s personality and worth may be shown in the best possible manner with the help of this WordPress image gallery plugin, which has six different layouts to select from.

Make your clients’ logos stand out on your website with 15+ gorgeous and minimal preset configurable designs.

Wrap Up
As is typically the case, there isn’t a single best WordPress gallery plugin that is suitable for everyone — it all depends on your requirements and financial constraints.

Here at Essential Plugin, we can assure about 100% Customer Satisfaction, Top-notch support. Also, we have the Essential Plugins Bundle ready to use for you, which includes 46 plugins, 10 sliders with 2000+ pre-built templates.

To know more about WordPress Plugins and view Bundle Plans , contact us at

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Benefits to Hire the Right Shopify Expert Agency to Set Up Your Online Store

There are many things to analyze, plan, and then set up before you start the online store. The era where people prefer to shop from online stores and thus becomes more important for any business to start an online store. But it isn’t an easy task and will not be done by just creating a normal website. Whether it is a small business or a startup which at the start will be exciting but in no time it will establish a name for your brand in the market, giving all overwhelming outcomes. And thus you will need the help of Shopify experts to get that result.

But the questions like why and when you should look for the Shopify experts, how to choose the right one, and who can help you grow.

Who are Shopify Experts?

Whatever technical support to build an online eCommerce store can be received by Shopify Experts Melbourne who can help you with their expertise in the field by creating the design, development,t, and branding using proper strategies. And using their experience and expertise in the field assisting merchants with their business and creating online stores to expand more and attract more and more customers to buy from you. You can even hire a Shopify agency to build and manage your online store. Either you can go to hire different Shopify experts who have expertise in specific fields and work according to their experience in the field.

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Top Ultimate B2B Video Marketing Ideas to Use for 2021

We’ve studied expert video marketing prognosis and are ready to share the ideas for attracting leads in B2B with videos that will be relevant this year and how you may apply them in your video marketing. Let’s go!

Created by Explain Ninja

5 Ideas for B2B to Look for Your Marketing Success

At least five ideas will be helpful for your strategy since videos or animations may solve many performance problems in increasingly popular formats. Namely, from live broadcasts, explainer videos, short ads, leaving subscribers, for example, with a promotional code for the company’s products and so much more, the market is now full of ideas that may transform your marketing into live-commerce. Check them out.

Video Designing Process

Idea # 1 Explainer Video marketing

Videos help generate leads for 83% of marketers. Data visualization rules. That’s why it is recommended to add a call to action at the end of the video. Make it easier for them to reach what you offer them which means to improve your business UX. If you don’t, your potential customers will have to look for additional information about the service you promote via your explainer videos.

So do not forget that there are at least two ways to get leads via your videos: request contacts before watching it and offer to fill in a form after watching the video with a clear, powerful CTA.

Idea # 2 Content marketing

Customers trust brands that provide them with valuable and exciting information, styled content. Plus, 80% of business decision-makers prefer to learn about a company from articles rather than advertisements. This makes content marketing one of the most effective B2B or even B2P lead generation tools out there. Video or text, make sure you apply to content in your ads, do not release videos without incredibly well-thought scripts and high-quality sounds.

Idea # 3 Influence marketing

One of the critical trends in lead generation is marketing based on the recommendations of the so-called influencers. The audience trusts native integrations in influencer blogs more than the usual formats of advertising on the Internet. The influencer becomes an intermediary between the audience and the brand and influences audience loyalty. So you may integrate influencer content into your videos or allow the chosen influencers to use your video content for mutual benefits. The business owners themselves tend to give more preference to native blogger content. And this sets the trend.

Idea # 4 Omnichannel marketing

The Omnichannel strategy is a complex use of communication channels, each of which supports the others. This means that you use your videos on the video streaming channels, connect to your business website, distribute your video content on social media or your influencers’ markets or even through email or messenger tools directly to your most loyal customers.

Multichannel seeks to achieve different goals depending on the channel. There is one set of goals in the omnichannel approach, but other media are used to achieve them.

Idea # 5 Video production services

To make it easier to generate leads from their great video ads, the top marketers tend to automate routine tasks like sending emails, segmenting leads, finding contacts, etc via. Many services appear on the market that may automate their lead generation processes. This is one thing, and it’s common.

Another thing is that they use professional animated video production to create video content which is a high standard and has greater odds to bring incredible results from the start while distributed via any chosen communication channel or all at once.

Business Design, Source: Dribbble

Wrapping up

How to integrate the above-mentioned ideas into your strategy and benefit all in one? Here is the checklist:

1. Create both video and text lead magnets by offering useful checklists, explainers & guides, or instructions in exchange for contacts.

2. Create and run blogs with video content.

3. Make both videos with helpful tips and reviews, as well as ads. For example, if you sell real estate, you may start a video blog showing rooms, etc.

4. Organize webinars & speak at video conferences. There you may show your ads for good.

5. Use a professional video marketing toolkit.

Through your video content marketing:

· you demonstrate the expertise of the company;

· increase loyalty, as potential customers receive new knowledge from you;

· collect their contacts: 80% of users are ready to share them in exchange for receiving useful content via your videos.

Also, welcome to read on 6 more video marketing trends on our blog a bit in detail.

B2B Video Marketing

Sky’s the limit! Make sure you set the goals and pick the best suitable communication channel to distribute your video for marketing campaigns. Create high-quality content with the help of professional video makers and use top-notch technologies to back up. Good luck!

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How CMS Covers The Skill Gap In Web Development

Content management system plays a vital role in Web development field. The most popular CMS WordPress covers the 40% market share in the web development. There are a-lot of people who don’t want to indulge in long term coding process as it’s boring for them so they prefer CMS. From mobile responsiveness to attractive site creation, CMS covers all the aspects.
It shows the better idea to beginners that how they play with margins and paddings of the sections and give the idea of the responsiveness.

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How to check resolution of laptop/computer using JavaScript?

Hi guys,

Today we will see how to check resolution of laptop/computer using JavaScript.

To check screen width and height, we have default functions in JavaScript.

They are:

1.screen.width – to check the screen width

2.screen.height – to check the screen height

var width = screen.width;
var height = screen.height;
//prints output in console
console.log(width+"x"+height); // my output: 1366x768

In this way, we can check the user laptop/computer resolution.

Thanks for taking your valuable time for reading my post, if you have any queries , please leave a comment and will respond. If you find this post useful, please share it.

Read: Can we store php variable in javascript?

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Have a Nice Day!

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How to pass PHP variables to JavaScript in WordPress

When you’re building a WordPress theme or plugin, sometimes you have JavaScript code that needs to use data/values from PHP. For instance, you need these values in your JavaScript code :

  • Homepage URL
  • Theme option values
  • WordPress posts data
  • etc

The easiest way to do that is by initializing those values into JavaScript objects in your header.php theme file or wp_head hook. For example :

var myThemeParams = 
   homeURL: <?php echo home_url(); ?>,
   themeOptions: <?php echo get_theme_mod( 'mytheme_options', false ); ?>,


Even though it works but WordPress has been provided us with a function for doing something like that. It’s called wp_add_inline_script.

wp_add_inline_script( $handle, $data, $position = 'after' )
  • $handle : Name of the script to add the inline script to.
  • $data : String containing the JavaScript to be added.
  • $position : Whether to add the inline script before the handle or after.

That function will add an inline script before or after your JavaScript code. It actually can do more besides passing PHP variables to JavaScript. You can see another use case here.

So, to use wp_add_inline_script for passing variables from PHP to JavaScript, you need to set the position properties to before so that it’ll add the inline script before your JS file. And then initialize a JavaScript object and set the value with data from PHP.

wp_enqueue_script( 'my-theme-script', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/script.js' );
wp_add_inline_script( 'my-theme-script', 'var myThemeParams=" . json_encode( array(
    "homeURL' => home_url(),
    'themeOptions' => get_theme_mod( 'mytheme_options', false ),
) ), 'before' );

In your JavaScript you can access it like this:

console.log( myThemeParams.homeURL );
console.log( myThemeParams.themeOptions );

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