Temporarily Suspend BitLocker for firmware updates with reboot

Intel ME / Firmware on my Razer Blade Superior

I lately found I used to be outdated with my Razer Blade Superior Intel ME firmware.

Nevertheless, the Razer Updater complains that I need to “quickly disable Bitlocker”. Nevertheless, suspending BitLocker from the Handle BitLocker Management Panel doesn’t quell the warning.

That is as a result of you should boot the pc with BitLocker suspended and the GUI management panel doesn’t will let you do that:

PowerShell to the rescue!

In an Administrative PowerShell console, run the Suspend-BitLocker commandlet specifying that you simply need to routinely re-enable BitLocker after the second reboot:

Droop-BitLocker -RebootCount 2 -MountPoint C
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Which, if profitable, will present you one thing like this:

C:WindowsSystem32> Droop-BitLocker -RebootCount 2 -MountPoint C

   ComputerName: BLADE

VolumeType      Mount CapacityGB VolumeStatus           Encryption KeyProtector              AutoUnlock Safety
                Level                                   Proportion                           Enabled    Standing
----------      ----- ---------- ------------           ---------- ------------              ---------- ----------
OperatingSystem C:        460.71 FullyEncrypted         100        {Tpm, RecoveryPassword}              Off
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Subsequent Steps

Reboot your machine.

Run your firmware updater.

Reboot (firmware updater will in all probability do that for you).

Voilà – up to date Intel ME and BitLocker is routinely re-enabled.

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