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The perfect image lazy loading

Alright, lets get our JavaScript coding fingers prepared for we’re going to take advantage of awesomest picture lazy loading!

  alt="A giraffe consuming fallback code options"
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Wait, what?

Sure, HTML is sufficient to completely remedy this difficulty. Safari 15.4 now ships with lazy loading support. It was the final browser we waited for to catch up.

You not by no means must do any JavaScript or CSS trickery associated to typical picture content material loading.

However what about my fade in animation!

Do not do it. It’s best to use a progressive picture. The factor with progressive picture is that when browser receives any picture knowledge it is ready to begin rendering at the very least one thing visible.

When you do picture animation resembling a fade in transition you make a mistake. With out including in numerous complicated code you possibly can solely set off a fade in transition as soon as your complete picture file is completed loading. On sluggish connection this implies the picture will show, properly, most likely means after consumer has scrolled previous the picture.

That is an pointless price just for having a “cool fade in animation that I like and it suits the design”.

I would like at the very least a fallback coloration!!

Do not do this both. When you’re utilizing a progressive picture then the time a browser may present the “ugly alt textual content” is tremendously lowered. Automating a fallback background coloration just isn’t value the additional code or complexity. Apart from it might probably get in the best way with alpha transparency pictures anyway.


Embrace the simpliness that you simply now have and put your thoughts into different issues.

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