Track Multiple CI/CD Builds Using Meercode

Building software products can be challenging. There can be more than one tool that is in the play. Not to mention the usernames and passwords for each tool and authorization issues. So is there a way you could just monitor all the processes directly from a single screen? Today we shall be talking about a tool that can solve your build problems by providing a single entry point for a 360-degree view into your build, integration, and deployment processes.

Meercode is a unique tool that allows you to monitor and manage your builds from a single dashboard. Your product might have more than one CI/CD process. These processes can be across different servers such as GitHub or Azure DevOps. No matter what the server may be, Meercode lets you visualize your running and completed workflows on a clean and beautiful UI.

Build Monitors

Meercode comes with build monitors. This allows organizations visibility across all the builds and their statuses. Build monitors are an essential part of any CI setup. By using build monitors, any team member can instantly know the status of the builds while doing their work.

Integrate with your favorite tool

Big projects are built across many tools. Meercode has support for a vast number of tools to help make your monitoring easier.

Across every provider, the process remains simple: Sign up, Integrate and Monitor builds.


This is probably the most popular CI/CD tool. GitHub can integrate and build code and make deployments. Meercode can help you monitor these processes with a single click.

GitLab CI

GitLab CI is a popular tool to build and deploy. Meercode allows out-of-the-box support for integration with Gitlab CI. Just sign up and you are ready to go.

Travis CI

Meercode can connect with Travis CI to monitor builds.

Azure DevOps

Meercode has full support for Azure DevOps builds.


No configuration is needed for Vercel. Just sign up and start building.


Ever wanted to monitor multiple Bitrise workflows on a single dashboard? Meercode lets you visualize your running and completed workflows, on a clean and beautiful UI.


Meercode connects seamlessly with Buddy. Integrate with Buddy to monitor your builds from a single monitor.


Jenkins is one of the most popular CI/CD tools. Unfortunately, right now, Jenkins support is coming soon to make sure you are fully covered.

Beautiful UI

Meercode is designed to help you through each stage of CI/CD. So UI is also built keeping in mind the user experience. Meercode comes with a fresh and unique card design for your workflows.

Clarity at each step

No need to go through long long complicated log files to point out a simple error. Meercode is built with clarity in mind. Via beautiful and comprehensive charts, using Meercode you can easily identify gaps, errors, and bottlenecks!

Meercode highlights your currently running builds on the top and shows them separately. Relax as your build files transform into colourful bars.


So is the Meercode satisfy your security requirements? Security can make or break your product. You do not want another tool that asks for excessive permissions or submit your source code. Meercode is designed to ensure that your safety and privacy are not compromised. To achieve this Meercode comes with the below features:

Keep your source code private.

Source code is the heart of your product. Letting this source code exposed can be a disaster to any company. Of course, Meercode understands this, hence Meercode does not ask you for your source code. This means your code and product details are kept to yourself and you can safely build and maintain CI/CD from Meercode.

Token-based Authorization

Meercode does not perform any action by itself. Whether it’s building, integrating, or deploying any pipeline, Meercode requires that you authorize the operation by using secure token-based authorization. As a result, users can only monitor resources which they can access on the service side. This also means that if a user does not have any access to any repository on let suppose GitHub, then corresponding actions are not shown to that user. Hence you do not need to worry about any unauthorized operations.

No excessive permissions

So does Meercode need any permissions? Yes, Meercode needs read/write permissions. Meercode is designed to require minimal permissions to your CI/CD resources and we never access your source code. We need to enable one-click functionality to cancel or re-run actions. This is only why Meercode needs to have permission.


So is Meercode affordable for your business? Meercode comes in three different pricing models. This means that its suitable for not just small businesses but also enterprises and start-ups. I am summarizing below the available model with feature sets available:

Feature Free Team Pro
Private Repository Limit 1 15 Unlimited
Public Repository Limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public Sharable Links No Yes Yes
Custom dashboards No Yes (5) Yes unlimited
Dashboard Refresh Interval 40 secs 10 secs 5 secs
Custom domain Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Custom dashboard Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Overtime Build Notifications Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Includes Trial? Free forever Includes a 14 day free trial Includes a 14 day free trial
Price 0$ $29 per seat / month $59 per seat / month


Gone are the days when your DevOps needed to switch between multiple screens to monitor the processes. No need to share different URLs to see how your build processes are doing anymore. Meercode is here to meet your needs regarding process monitoring and optimization.

Want to have complete visibility about your product? Make sure in your next project, give Meercode a try.

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