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Upgrade Your GitHub – DEV Community

Desk of Contents

  1. Creating Your
  2. Brainstorming
  3. Skill Badges
  4. Social Media & Languages/Frameworks
  5. Generator
  6. Helpful Links

Your profile acts just like the resume recruiters see after your resume. We wish it to be as charming and presentable as it may be whereas nonetheless holding a little bit of our persona inside it.

What does your appear like? Does it embrace your GitHub stats? Any weblog posts from Medium,, and so on. (in the event you submit)? Do you have got languages and frameworks neatly displayed as icons or categorized as most used? No? Me both…Let’s work out how you can just do that.

Get Began

We won’t precisely customise a that does not exist. GitHub Docs completely explains how you can create yours, if it does not exist already.

Time to Get Concepts

There are many others who have already got superbly designed (and a few, complicated) recordsdata we will get concepts from. Your is yours. Whereas displaying the suitable content material, it ought to replicate a little bit of you.

Here is are some hyperlinks which may be useful:

Including Your Expertise

GitHub Badges

You should utilize to create cunstomized badges. It might appear like this:

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Equally, you can too use this method:

<div id="badges">
  <a href="">
    <img src="" alt="LinkedIn Badge"/>
  <a href="your-youtube-URL">
    <img src=" " alt="Youtube Badge"/>
  <a href="your-twitter-URL">
    <img src=" " alt="Twitter Badge"/>
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Including Icons

While you wish to add a piece that claims one thing like You will discover me at [twitter icon] or on [linkedin icon] then you should use a model of the next code:

<!-- Precise textual content -->

You will discover me on [![Twitter][1.2]][1], or on [![LinkedIn][3.2]][3].

<!-- Icons -->

[1.2] : (twitter icon with out padding)
[2.2] : (LinkedIn icon with out padding)

<!-- Hyperlinks to your social media accounts -->

[1] :
[2] :
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On the subject of together with your languages and frameworks, DevIcons GitHub Repository has free logos you should use. This might look one thing like:

  <img src="" title="Java" alt="Java" width="40" peak="40"/>&nbsp;
  <img src="" title="React" alt="React" width="40" peak="40"/>&nbsp;
  <img src="" title="Spring" alt="Spring" width="40" peak="40"/>&nbsp;
  <img src="" title="NodeJS" alt="NodeJS" width="40" peak="40"/>&nbsp;
  <img src="" title="AWS" alt="AWS" width="40" peak="40"/>&nbsp;
  <img src="" title="Git" **alt="Git" width="40" peak="40"/>
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README Generator

Wait…I haven’t got to write down the code myself? No.

Take a look at github-profile-readme-generator by Rahul Jain. The merely to make use of website generates the markdown you want. All you need to do is enter in your required statements. Try for yourself here!

Useful Hyperlinks

Concepts and code supplied by the next hyperlinks:

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