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What are🤯 Main Memory, Stack, RAM, ROM, secondary Memory SSD and else? complete answer

Electronics have two most important sorts of reminiscence Primary and secondary.

The first use of Primary(Major) Reminiscence

is to retailer the info of job👨🏾‍🏭 that’s working at the moment, as Primary reminiscence could be very near CPU(Processor) 🖥, to CPU can speak to Primary reminiscence very simply, this may very well be something the tab us are at the moment open, webpage, cursor, the variable that you’ve got written these all are saved in RAM,

however even you if you shut you realize if you shut the tab, or programme in case you have not save📁 that knowledge, it will likely be misplaced❌.

so this ought to be saved some other place, and if you open the tab once more, it will likely be there, right here Storage, comes into play you may retailer your knowledge in any machine, Floppy💾, Arduous Disk Drive💽, SSD🖴 and USB🔌, additionally it may be on Cloud☁️, it completely is determined by you the person.

Use of Secondary Reminiscence

SSD Image
as talked above Secondary have of a unique sort however the perform is similar as retailer completely✅.
from working system🐧, utility📱, and different information📂.

It affords a really quick learn/write pace however much less storage capability, it requires an influence provide and as energy goes it losses it is knowledge.

  1. RAM
  2. ROM
  3. Cache(money)

are within the Primary reminiscence.


RAM Stick
any factor runs has to hundreds on the RAM as CPU can course of that quick, and in addition any location(knowledge) could be entry by CPU very quickly(immediately), so it’s known as as Random Entry Reminiscence, it’s learn/write pace.

the code you write; and if you run it; it runs right here, Stack the well-known phrase in CS which I do not perceive at the start, makes its home contained in the RAM.


Rom is instantly writing for you from the producer, it’s read-only, so it’s known as Learn-Solely Reminiscence
the fundamental perform is to begin the purposes’ management of the Enter/Output gadgets, and in addition to begin the OS.

As, you needn’t config these things they’re read-only, which suggests you and your pc can learn from these information.


it shops the command👆🏾 which might be steadily informed to the processor(CPU), so it’s known as Cache Reminiscence. It’s quickest to entry with the least storage capability

it affords learn/write pace and storage capability, however it’s not quick to entry as in comparison with Primary reminiscence(RAM), not depending on the ability you may entry you even when the ability goes,1000X or occasions. assume na you need to flip your pc off📴 does it losses it is working system🐧 reminiscence, you saved information📂, and you’ll entry them once more, additionally you may 🚌 from one machine to a different, and entry there

There are two sorts of Secondary reminiscence, Optical Dics💿, Floppy Disk💾, SSD🖴, HDD(exhausting disk drives)💽.

And these are the storage gadgets nice storage capability, it has a number of faces

these are all I knew about reminiscence and storage, and that i wished to share, if you wish to be taught reminiscence I’d suggest you to learn the article from @Issac_Computer_Science

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