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What is Rootkit? – DEV Community

If you hear about rootkit and in case you are a linux consumer very first thing that involves your thoughts shall be this has some factor to do with root consumer. And, you aren’t flawed nevertheless it’s part of it. Let’s outline it formally.

Rootkit is a program that may conceal itself in addition to different operating processes, recordsdata, community connections from the host the place it’s operating.

What’s the utmost aim of the rootkit?

The primary aim is to run incognito which means operating within the background for so long as it’s attainable.

What’s the typical performance or traits of rootkit?

1- Stealth Performance

It goals to cover the traces of intruder by manipulating processes, open recordsdata, community exercise, altering entry rights/permission of various recordsdata and listing.

2- backdoor

One of many essential aim of rootkit is to guarantee that intruder have full distant entry to the sufferer’s laptop on a regular basis. For e.g: rootkit might set up a backdoor utilizing ssh tunneling.

3- Sniffing

It additionally permits attacker to wiretapping and intercepting numerous system elements could also be sending knowledge to a selected finish level or putting in a keylogger.

What’s the largest problem to the attacker?

The largest problem that additionally differentiate rootkit from different sorts of malware is the truth that rootkit have to be put in with root privileges within the first place.

Kinds of Rootkits

  • Person-mode rootkit: A user-mode rootkit covertly replaces widespread UNIX binaries or libraries with contaminated variations to cover its existence and to achieve root privileges if wanted.

  • Kernel-mode rootkit: A kernel-mode rootkit operates on the system stage and modifies or replaces the kernel which can have been affected within the boot course of.

It is a good blog on Linux boot course of.

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