What people think that web developers do vs. what we really do

What folks assume internet builders do:

Chart showing what people think web developers do

  • Code, deploy and use, with coding being the principle activity

What internet builders actually do:

Chart showing the real tasks

  • Coding
  • Require random third occasion framework code
  • Updating Node/NPM
  • Attempt the final command once more with sudo
  • Checking on cell
  • Shaking fist in the direction of Cupertino
  • Wanting issues up on the net
  • Pasting Stack Overflow options
  • Resize the browser/use emulation
  • Uncover {that a} browser extension was the issue all alongside
  • Clarify once more that issues cannot look the identical all over the place
  • Add ARIA until the whole lot is ok
  • Hint efficiency points again to analytics/advert code
  • Convert content material to usable codecs
  • Including/Eradicating console.log()
  • Invalidate caches
  • Utilizing
  • Summon Imhotep utilizing blood magic to assist with a rendering bug

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