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The title speaks for itself however you’re such a bunch of loosers that I’ll do a FAQ anyway.

Who ought to learn this text ?

Everybody ought to learn my articles.
All the time.
At the very least in the event you do not wish to be a looser.

What’s an actual developer ?

The opposite of a looser, see right here

What do I find out about my inteded viewers ?

That they need to rewrite every little thing in Rust in 2024 except they wish to keep a bunch of loosers in 2024.

What’s Rust in 2024 ?

Identical as in 2023, however even higher.

A programming language with superior options that it’s best to rewrite every little thing with in 2024.

Why in 2024 ?

Nice for search engine optimisation.

What do I imply by every little thing ?

Every little thing the place code is concerned the place Rust superior options would possibly turn into useful sooner or later in 2024.

How a lot money and time would that value ?

I do not know however I do know that staying a looser on your complete life wil value you much more.

How do I exploit Rust on the entrance finish ?

Are you kidding me ?
You’ll be able to’t google that alone ?
Are you a feminine or what ?

Why Rust ?

Properly I do not know a lot about Rust to be trustworthy, however I watched a video from ThePrimegen on YouTube the place he defined that Rust is nice.

I did not actually understood why or when of for whom Rust is nice, however ThePrimegen is sensible and I’ve two proofs for that

  • ThePrimegen works at Netflik, in contrast to loosers such as you and me.
  • ThePrimegen as soon as spoke about an article of mine and I appreciated that.

What ought to my readers do from right here ?

Duh it is within the title.
Cease being a looser.
Pull your self by the bootstraps.
Even when pulling yourstraps is by definition unattainable.

And most significantly.

Rewrite every little thing in Rust in 2024.

What if I want to make my very own decisions in my very own context ?

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Want to Contribute to us or want to have 15k+ Audience read your Article ? Or Just want to make a strong Backlink?