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Get the Internet Current Worth (NPV) for a sequence of money flows that might not be periodic.

XNPV makes use of particular dates that correspond to every money move being discounted within the sequence, whereas the common** NPV Perform** robotically assumes on a regular basis durations are equal.


=XNPV(Charge, Money Flows, Dates of Money Stream)

Charge: The low cost fee for use over the size of the interval

Values: That is an array of numeric values that symbolize the funds and earnings the place;

Dates: It’s an array of dates equivalent to an array of funds.


Assumptions within the XNPV Instance

  • The low cost fee is 10

  • Begin date is June 30, 2018

  • Money Stream are obtained on the precise date they correspond to

  • The time between the beginning date and first money move is barely 6 months.

Image description

Image description

Image description

The distinction between the XNPV and NPV formulation is that XNPV acknowledges that point interval between the beginning date and first money move is barely 6 months, whereas the NPV operate treats it as a full-time interval.

Issues to recollect about XNPV

  1. Numbers in dates are indicated as integers
  2. XNPV does not low cost the preliminary money move
  3. #NUM! error happens when both;
  • The values and date arrays are of various size

  • Any of the opposite dates are sooner than the beginning date

  • #VALUE error – happens when both;

  • The values or charges arguments are non-numeric; or

  • The given dates will not be acknowledged by Excel as legitimate dates.

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