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Excelize 2.8.1 Released – Powerful open-source library for spreadsheet (Excel) document

Excelize 2.8.1 Released

Excelize is a library written in pure Go offering a set of capabilities that mean you can write to and skim from XLAM / XLSM / XLSX / XLTM / XLTX recordsdata. Helps studying and writing spreadsheet paperwork generated by Microsoft Excel™ 2007 and later. Helps advanced elements by excessive compatibility, and offered streaming API for producing or studying knowledge from a worksheet with big quantities of knowledge.


We’re happy to announce the discharge of model 2.8.1. Featured are a handful of latest areas of performance and quite a few bug fixes.

A abstract of adjustments is obtainable within the Release Notes. A full listing of adjustments is obtainable within the changelog.

Launch Notes

Probably the most notable adjustments on this launch are:

Breaking Change

  • Improve necessities Go language model is 1.18 or later, for improve of dependency package deal
  • Change the information kind for the HeaderFooterOptions construction fields AlignWithMargins and ScaleWithDoc as a pointer, resolve subject #1645
  • Take away unused exported knowledge construction ShapeColor

Notable Options

  • Add new exported operate SetCellUint, associated subject #1681
  • Add new exported operate GetPictureCells for get all image cells, associated subject #1218
  • Add new exported operate GetConditionalStyle for get the conditional format model definition, associated subject #1690
  • Add new exported operate GetHeaderFooter for get the worksheet header and footer
  • Add new exported operate AddSlicer for including desk and pivot desk slicers
  • Add new exported operate GetPivotTables for get pivot tables
  • Add new exported operate DeletePivotTable for delete pivot desk
  • Add a brand new Title subject within the PivotTableOptions to assist specify pivot desk identify
  • New assist 7 method capabilities: DBCS, SEARCH, SEARCHB, TEXT, TEXTAFTER, TEXTBEFORE and xlfn.ANCHORARRAY
  • Add export ChartLineType enumeration to specify the chart line kind, associated subject #1706
  • Add new Border subject within the Chart knowledge kind to set the chart space border
  • Add new Sort subject within the ChartLine kind to set the road kind
  • Add new exported supply relationship and namespace NameSpaceSpreadSheetXR10, ContentTypeSlicer, ContentTypeSlicerCache, and SourceRelationshipSlicer
  • Add new exported prolonged URI ExtURIPivotCacheDefinition
  • Enable dot character within the outlined identify, desk identify, or pivot desk identify
  • Maintain all cells worth within the desk vary when deleting desk
  • Assist format cell worth with fraction quantity format code
  • Assist delete picture recordsdata from the workbook internally when deleting photos to cut back generated workbook dimension and resolve potential safety points
  • Assist set the peak and width for the remark field, associated subject #1688
  • Assist replace conditional formatting, knowledge validations, outlined names, drawing objects, method reference and unstable dependencies on inserting/deleting columns/rows, associated points #1306 and #1615
  • Assist 6 new sorts of conditional formatting varieties: textual content, blanks, no blanks, errors, no errors and time interval
  • Assist calculate method with a number of sprint arithmetic image
  • Assist copy conditional format and knowledge validation on duplicate row, associated subject #1729
  • Assist unset customized row top if the peak worth is -1 when utilizing the SetRowHeight operate
  • The SetRowHeight operate will return an error if given an invalid row top worth
  • The AddChart operate assist set the information labels place for the chart, associated subject #1704
  • The AddChart operate assist set strong colour or clear fill for chart space, plot space, and maker, add a brand new subject Fill in Chart, ChartPlotArea, and ChartMarker knowledge kind, associated subject #1786
  • The AddChart operate assist set chart axis font household, dimension and strike model, associated subject #1809
  • Add new subject DataLabelPosition within the ChartSeries knowledge kind, assist to units the place of the chart collection knowledge label
  • Add new subject BubbleSize within the Chart knowledge kind, assist set the bubble dimension in all knowledge collection for the bubble chart or 3D bubble chart
  • Add new exported ChartDataLabelPositionType knowledge kind
  • The GetPictureCells and GetPictures operate assist get embedded cell pictures created by Kingsoft WPS™ Workplace, associated subject #664
  • The SetConditionalFormat operate assist set conditional formatting with a number of cell ranges, associated subject #1783
  • Assist to replace outlined names reference when rename worksheet, associated subject #1792
  • Add new GetBaseColor operate assist get the popular hex colour code, associated subject #1794
  • The calculation engine assist date and method kind cells, associated subject #1807
  • Cell worth studying capabilities inherit the Choices settings of the OpenReader, associated subject #1815

Enhance the Compatibility

  • Enhance compatibility for absolute path drawing half
  • Enhance compatibility for workbook inside tab ratio property worth
  • Enhance compatibility with empty customized quantity format code
  • Enhance compatibility with the viewer which does not assist default theme half namespace, associated subject #1694
  • Enhance delete cell remark form compatibility with KingSoft WPS™ Workplace, associated subject #1789
  • Saving workbook with sorted inside half path, make identically created workbooks hash checksum is identical, associated subject #1732

Bug Fixes

  • Add verify for MID and MIDB method capabilities num_chars arguments, stop panic on specifying a damaging quantity, resolve subject #1647
  • Repair empty calculate outcome with numeric arguments in LEN, LOWER, PROPER, REPT, UPPER, and IF method capabilities
  • Repair calculate method capabilities CHITEST and MMULT panic in some circumstances
  • Repair a v2.8.0 regression bug, error on set print space and print titles with built-in particular outlined identify
  • Repair a v2.8.0 regression bug, corrupted workbooks generated by enhancing compatibility with internally listed colour and MRU colours kinds components
  • Repair a v2.8.0 regression bug, quantity format code apply outcome was empty, resolve subject #1658
  • Repair a v2.7.1 regression bug, the bubble is hidden within the bubble or 3D bubble chart
  • Fastened panic on AutoFilter by including nil pointer guard for native sheet ID, resolve subject #1655
  • Repair corrupted workbooks generated when including tables in some circumstances
  • Repair incorrect time quantity format outcome, resolve subject #1661
  • Helps getting method string cell worth, resolve subject #1665
  • Repair incorrect desk ID generated within the workbook which incorporates single desk cells
  • Repair lacking relationship components within the content material varieties in some circumstances
  • Improve quantity format parser to repair lacking literal tokens in some circumstances
  • Replace built-in zh-cn and zh-tw language quantity format
  • Repair the inaccurate customized quantity format ID allotted, resolve subject #1677
  • Repair updating a desk’s vary by eradicating it and creating it once more would not work, resolve subject #1682
  • Repair a possible subject that stream reader non permanent recordsdata can’t be clear, resolve subject #1680
  • Repair incorrect method calculation lead to some circumstances, resolve subject #1681
  • Repair concurrency race circumstances on get cell worth, resolve subject #1687
  • Repair some format lacking on get model definition, resolve subject #1708
  • Repair quantity format scientific notation zero fill points, resolve subject #1710
  • Repair panic on learn workbook with inside row ingredient with out r attribute, resolve subject #1723
  • Repair GetCellRichText returns error on getting inline wealthy textual content cells
  • Repair invalid shared string desk index on set cell worth in some circumstances
  • Repair GetConditionalFormats panic on get conditional format with out above common guidelines, resolve subject #1745
  • Repair incorrect regulate merged cells on take away rows, resolve subject #1749
  • Repair the SetConditionalFormat operate creates incorrect a number of conditional codecs guidelines precedence, resolve subject #1770
  • Repair the GetConditionalFormats operate would not return gradient knowledge bar rule, resolve subject #1769
  • Repair the GetStyle or GetConditionalStyle operate to returns incorrect DecimalPlaces subject worth, resolve subject #1777
  • Repair the CalcCellValue operate doesn’t return uncooked worth when allow RawCellValue, resolve subject #1803


  • Improves efficiency for including and eradicating pivot desk and pictures
  • Cut back reminiscence consumption by trimming the rows and cells, resolve subject #1712


  • The dependencies module has been up to date
  • Unit exams and godoc up to date
  • Documentation web site with multilingual: Arabic, German, Spanish, English, French, Russian, Chinese language, Japanese, and Korean, which has been up to date


Thanks for all of the contributors to Excelize. Beneath is a listing of contributors which have code contributions on this model:

  • fnickels (Francis Nickels III)
  • m12r (Matthias Endler)
  • Abdelaziz-Ouhammou
  • Juneezee (Eng Zer Jun)
  • yicixin (壹次心)
  • TeeRenJing (rjtee)
  • phperic (magicrabbit)
  • kjushka (Anton Petrov)
  • krstak (Marko Krstic)
  • lpxxn (Nick)
  • ByteFlyCoding
  • yangliyl (Yang Li)
  • 15535382838
  • TajangSec (Tajang)
  • lujin1 (lujin)
  • parkoo (Tian)
  • ZhangXiao1024 (ZX)
  • zcgly
  • bramvbilsen (Bram Vanbilsen)
  • user65536
  • tianaiyouqing (天爱有情)
  • cuishuang (cui fliter)
  • CooolNv (Xuesong)
  • yuegu520
  • oneweek20169902 (li)
  • 3zmx
  • 327674413
  • melf-xyzh (MELF晓宇)
  • L4nn15ter
  • rememberher (Jerry)
  • ooooooobh (cherry)
  • xxxwang1983
  • funa12
  • coolbit
  • taitaking (zhukewen)
  • kewenof
  • ivekkairi (Vivek Kairi)
  • edwardfward (Ed)

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